What are you listening to?


Oh My Gosh this song is BEAUTIFUL! I just got this CD.
Henry so talented


C’est chansons sont magnifique :heart_eyes:
Henry Lau while you were sleeping ost


That Busan view is very pretty.


I know every single WORD!


IT’S SO PRETTY!!! Henry’s voice as usual is SO BEAUTIFUL damnnnnn i LOVE THIS!! the end city shot is so so beautiful!! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: no wonder so many idols look up to him

loved this song, the way both Solji and Sohyang voice out those emotions with their beautiful vocals is really really good. They totally captured the meaning and feelings of the characters when this plays in the drama…listening to it brings me back into the story and feeling it inside :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Warning, spoilers in this video for anyone who wants to watch or is watching the lakorn Kluen Cheewit (aka Waves of Life). It’s a fan video.

I clicked for the fanmade video, and loved the music!

The singer is Ani Lorak and the title of the song is “Hold My Heart”.

Here is the song with English lyrics. The grammar may be off, but the meaning of the song is still understandable:



Oh, that’s Yaya, the female lead. I forgot the male actor’s name, sorry.


The male actor’s name is Mark Prin :smiley: Does Yaya act in dramas/MVs that aren’t Thai?


I don’t think so, if I remember it correctly her father is from Norway, and she spoke little Thai, when started acting. She had a private teacher to help her perfection the language, if it is still the same as a few years ago, she should be queen of advertisement, even having more contracts, than famous Anne from the former female lead generation. Her lakorns with Nadech are infamous and the fans just want them to end up together, but since I am a few years without information from the Thai drama industry, I don’t know about that, they always denied a relationship.



This song was on the radio just now … So I thought how long ago is it I was listening to this one? A decade, two, three?
Honestly I can’t remember …


I love this song from Mr Queen. You will always know something funny is going to happen soon.


is this trot music??


Cha Eun Woo, Astro

Junho 2pm Aw, so Sexy!


and an early Valentine’s gift


atm i’m listening to Burning pile by mother mother;)



I miss my Zumba classes! My friend who is a Zumba instructor used to play this song for a warm-up for her classes.


Why must I think of Nico Santos?