What are you listening to?



Shinee’s back :laughing:


Travel back in time …


I thought, “Hmm. Something must have happened! Who did what?” :scream: They were singing “Marry me” just last week and now, “Don’t call me!” :rofl: Just kidding. I like Shinee. This song has an interesting sound. They have really great voices. :grin:

This is about their new comeback song - Heart Attack.

WonHo drops a new album tomorrow.


Yesterday was strange, just for your information, my laptop is another room than my radio, and I am not using any Alexa or Co. …

So yesterday I was looking up David Bowie’s Let’s Dance not his favorite work as he mentioned it in interviews, but it brings a lot of memories to me, so I still like it.

What should I say - I opened a tab for it in my browser but didn’t get to listen to it, about 10 minutes later it played on the radio, while I was checking on old CDs and looked at one from Macy Gray. What would you guess? It started playing on the radio.

In the mix of my old CDs there was Edwin Collins, you know how it works now? YT suggested it later …

Spooky or funny? You decide …


Hahah yes, it’s stuck in my head at random moments :laughing:
I like that they reacted to the MV. I very rarely watch MVs, but did for this one.



oo! Yes! I like Macy! That reminds me to add her songs on my Spotify list.

Oh! Just out today! Ateez! I’m the one - Fever part 2 - PREVIEWS! Dang it! When will the new album drop?
March 1, 6 pm Korea time
March 1, 2AM Mountain time!

There you go kdramagirl - Have a side of Mountain abs. (San) :laughing:

Oh! HongJoong’s glasses are a trip! I need a pair like that. My eyelashes always hit my glasses. :smile:



Ooh! “Lose” premieres in 62 minutes!

currently, Feb 25, 2021, 8:57 PM mountain time.

Me and 1300 other people are waiting… impatiently! … waiting…

3000 waiting - 17 minutes!

4500 waiting 8 minutes!

5700 waiting 5 minutes!

6800 waiting. 4 minutes!

7729 waiting - 3 minutes!

8797 waiting - 2 minutes

10214 waiting- 1 minute!

12506 waiting
17405 waiting

I just happened to luck out and catch this premiere just before it ran.



Wow! Loved it!

Oh hey! kdramagirl! lots of abs for you in this one. :sunglasses:

on Spotify - Love Synonym # 2: Right for Us
Lose -
Devil - Such an interesting sound.
WeNeed - WOW! The transitions on this are gorgeous!
Best Shot -

and more
WonHo YouTube channel

Yea. WonHo is a fantastic singer!


… stuck between am I awake or should I just try to get back to sleep?


Shinee full album

ATEEZ Fireworks is ON FIRE!

I know. I am posting this again but the choreography is fantastic on this one!

Only have to wait till March 1ST! (so far away… 3 days!)

… kdramagirl gets to look San’s abs and I can watch Soenghwa dance. :sunglasses:

Oh. Seonghwa is the first singer.

lol. Back in my dancing days, WHERE WERE THESE GUYS! :laughing:

Makes me wonder. I was so much a dancer back then… Why did I marry dance duds?
Neither first or second husband danced! :laughing: I guess personality wins out over ability to dance. :sunglasses:


Ok. Ran out of edits. So start a continuation!

Hey kdramagirl! Just like when we were teenagers… You get to have dibs on San (mountain)

… and everyone else, hands off Seonghwa! (torch) :laughing:
Torch is ON FIRE!


I discovered this song early this morning and the views were at 8.9 million. At this time (around 10:25 pm where I live) the views have reached 9.7 million. Mind-boggling! But from what I understand, the group is doing a show and views count to help them win.

A Ha Hyun Sang song (he was a solo singer before becoming part of the band Hoppipolla).

And a calm song by American singer Aymber.



Daniel Kang’s Paranoia is a TRIP!

It has a really interesting sound.


I found Yunho or U-Know! I like him!
The escalator dance is AWESOME! What a great video Idea!


This song came up on my Spotify Release radar. It is so weird and WRONG in so many ways. :laughing: :smirk:

On a first date you are asking the guy to buy some shoes for you? !?! WTF?!? :scream::grin:



My playlist is always random, but today, I’m listening to “Beautiful Disaster - Ailee” on repeat for about 2h…