What are you listening to?


Ok so I was thinking about Liberace today! He was the GREATEST Showman!


omg, that brought back some old memories :sob:


That took me back to a time I wasn’t even born …

and the men on the piano in my generation



Way before my time! But Wow! You gotta love it!

I sing this SONG all the time! Let’s Go Fly a Kite


Mr. Las Vegas himself! :slight_smile: I wonder if his museum is still there. Not too many people remember him any longer. (goes to look) Nope. It closed in 2010. I actually went there waaaaaaaaaay back in 1973. Lots of glitter and glam. :grin:

I have been waiting for Ateez Fever 2 to drop - only a half hour to go. In the meantime I found this CUTE picture of HongJoong and his ‘little brother’ on the twitter. 귀여운! :laughing: :smirk: :rofl:


Music DROP





AAAACCK! Spotify lost their license for so many artists in a turf war with kakao! :scream:

No HENRY! and a whole bunch of others. Been going through my list all morning trying to figure out who is missing.:sob:



At least there’s still YouTube …


Yes. I will take a hug; I’ll miss Henry on my playlist. :frowning: I am on YouTube downloading my favorite songs before they disappear from there too.

I like Spotify because I can send it to my stereo system and blast the house. :hear_no_evil:

Oh! Found this one!

ONEWE - Parting


Maybe it’s time to buy Henry’s CDs? :stuck_out_tongue:


Gosh. I got away from cds and stuff. Actually, We had a ton of cds that were all given away at my husband’s funeral. It is Shoshone custom to give away personal belongings at funerals. We even gave away the house.

I have a whole bunch of digital songs but I bought those mainly for my car stereo. I am not able to cast those to my fire tv yet. I’ll figure out a way to do it.

I’m really kinda mad about it. A huge chunk of my favorite groups and songs are gone.

I don’t like to buy music from Apple because my car stereo can’t read MP4as very well. It skips and stalls so I get music from Amazon but they don’t have everything I like.

My car’s stereo also can’t read Korean. It all shows up as question marks. :laughing: So I have to type the names in English.

Aw. Just finished my main playlist and went to look at my Chill playlist. almost entirely gutted. :sob: I may just as well cancel Spotify.




Chained Up

Shangri La

New today!
VeriVery - Get Away


Then where do you live now? :open_mouth:

Maybe you should make an exception for Henry. Because he’s worth it! :wink:


I moved to town. We used to live in a very rural part of the reservation - no cell service and lots of drifting snow in winter. Town is lower elevation and close to stores. Before my husband passed we polled the relatives to see who could/wanted to take over the payments. I didn’t want to live there any more anyway - to many memories, too remote by myself (I have bad knees and am on crutches) It worked out fine. I have a place in town that is much smaller and easier for me to manage and NO RUGS! YEA! This part of Idaho is ‘high desert’. DUSTY! even in winter. I hate wall to wall carpet. You can never get that residual fine dirt out from under the carpet unless you tear it out - I don’t care HOW many times you vacuum. Now I have laminate floorss. damp mop and no dust. :slight_smile:

I do support the artists I like. I’ve purchased digital copies of Henry’s songs plus a bunch of other artists I like and put them on my jump drive for my car. I don’t have a CD player any longer so I won’t invest in cds. Plus, Those cds just get in the way after awhile. It’s bad enough that I have a small collection of my favorite kdramas catching dust so I can still watch them if their license expires. :smiley:

I did pay for a preorder for BTS BE but the vendor messed up and I ended up with a refund. So much for my excursion into acquiring new CDs. I think my blueray will play them… If not. my car will. but cds are a hassle when driving and one of my favorite Samba cds is stuck between the stereo and the dashboard housing. It slipped right into that pretend cdplayer so easily! Won’t get that back until I disassemble the dashboard. That’s what happens when you try to change CDs while driving in the dark. :roll_eyes: :smirk: :smile:


I suppose your computer would play CDs as well … :thinking:


The laptop does have a cd player… But I’m curious. Why do you want me to get a cd? :slightly_smiling_face:


To make sure you will never be without Henry. :wink: