What are you listening to?


Yep, Freddy sure had range!


I didn’t understand anything he sings but from the sound of the music, I imagine a despondent guy sitting in a dark corner of a bar getting quietly drunk. :joy:

Oh! I THOUGHT that first guy was familiar! Zico! I like Zico’s songs.

I’m watching a couple of my favs again…

쩔어 (Dope)

Just get up and dance! You know you wanna!

대취타 (Daechwita)

This is pure art a masterpiece!

한량 (HanRyang)

I like how HeHe’s glasses string kinda echoes the semi-precious stone/ jewel hat strings worn by the gentlemen in the Joseon days. That giggle by the little lion dog critter is cute. :sunglasses:

막내온탑 (Maknae/ I.N. on top)

I.N. is such a megalomaniac maknae! And that pimp coat is the bomb! Little do his hyungs know what their little maknae is dreaming of while holding on to his JYP lunch. :joy: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this rappin’ Cha-cha! Makes me get up and dance and my knees just can’t take much of that any more!



That ending :rofl:

And of course the JYP hoobaes are also promoting the song :laughing:


It’s brilliantly funny :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


Only Adam Lambert could do my Freddie! I miss going to Concerts!


I’ve been listening to this today.

ONEWE a book in memory. Yonghoon’s voice is beautiful.

So you know who’s singing which parts. :upside_down_face:


That is really Pretty! I like it!!! Oh some ROCK and ROLL you guys go!


J’adore ONEWE et ONEUS ^^ ce sont mes deux groupes de k-pop préférée :heart_eyes:


Are any of these guys actors? Any any dramas?


Not according to this member profile.,

Wonho - Losing you is so pretty! and poingnant.

Gaho - Stay here

That looks so much like the Mojave desert but the Joshua trees are missing. Barstow? I wonder where that was shot?

The way he just walks past those shrubs, Me? I’m thinking rattlers.


I could listen to her voice on and on …



Love this song so much

This one was used at ending of THE MIDNIGHT SKY with Geroge Clooney and for movie 2012 and many others.



Well, You know why he Aztec calendar ended in 2012 doncha? They ran out of room. :rofl:


have I posted this before?? SHINee is back and they really harmonize so beautifully!!! I think SM artists in general have superior vocal and harmony skills, it’s honey to my ears :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I didn’t go off topic. I was responding to your 2012 world ends link.

Sorry to bother you. I’ll just go away then.


No more one more time - Daft Punk disbanded

in memory


Aww man :cry: I like many of their songs.