What are you listening to?


Ah… I have Henry on my computer to watch and on my jump drive so he can sing while I’m driving. Now I just have to figure out how to cast my digital tunes to my Fire Stick since Spotify lost about half my favs. :sob: Then I can kick back and watch my videos on the big screen and listen on a really good sound system.

That’s one thing that my hubby did, was that he loved his tech and sound systems. So I have theater quality surround sound. :grin: I kept that sound system.


I am in love with this guys voice! Yunho or U-Know


I have Henry CDs! I love them



Ah! Bo Gummy! It will be a couple of years until we see him again…

Oh! I found this old Stray Kids MV from 2018. It’s really a cute one. They are so young in this one.

For a skinny guy Felix has such a deep voice. :grin: His official position is 'Deep assed voice position." :laughing:

Ok. Here’s are the fatalities in the Spotify/Kakao turf war! At least as far as my playlist goes - which is full of HOLES!

Still there:
2PM, Ateez, BTS, Paul Kim, Gaho, Dongho, WonHo, Shinee, EXO, Baekhyun, Daniel Kang, Block B, NCT 127, Onew, Taemin, Key, Aespa, Bloo, Movning, Jackson Wang, NIve, SOLE, suggi, BlackPink, Twice, Dvwn, Day 6 Even of Day, Bii, Eric Nam, Stray Kids, TOO, Minzy, BVNDIT, Red Velvet, IZ*ONE, Nature, VeriVEry, cignature, SuperM,MonstaX, DPR IAN, Natty, GOT7, Pentagon, Bl,ueD, TomorrowXTogether, Taeyeon, Jun K, AB6ix, A.C.E., (G)Idle, Some Henry’s, Some Seodo, Kai, Nu-est, Enhypen, Some Hwasa, Zion T., Seventeen, Chen, J-Hope, August D, Crush,

VIXX, Cravity, Some Hwasa, Mamamoo!, Some Baekhyun, Stayc, The Boyz, Lee Seung Gi, Drippin, Lots of Henry!, ONEWE!, NeD, Secret Number, Gunho, Taeyeon, Seodo, Bora, DKB, Paul Kim, E’Last, card, ZICO!, Park Won, Some GAHO!, Lee Hong Gi, Code Kunst-Choi Jung Hoon, For the Gone, BOB-BLUE, parting Place, ONEUS, Purple Kiss, Kim Woo Seok,


I saw a bunch of IG posts mourning their fav artists disappearing, like IU :sob: It’s too bad.


Oh yeah, me too, I have big holes in my Spotify playlists! I discovered it the day before yesterday! I don’t even know what the song titles were, they were too many!

But not all songs from the same artist are taken down? I still have some Korean songs.

I wish we could know which song it was… How am I going to remember…


Did you try SoundCloud yet?


I’m Totally OBSSESSED with his VOICE!


It will take you all day, if your playlist is as long as mine was.


It is a tedious process but it’s the only way to know what got chopped.
You have to do this for every playlist:

Open the playlist.
On the missing song. click the three dots on the far right.

Select, “Show Credits”

The song’s Title and artist credit shows.


? No. Not yet. I’ll take a look. Can I cast SoundCloud to my Fire tv? I didn’t see an app for them.

Been watching Paranoia by Daniel Kang - Really interesting choreography! The dance and lyrics really express the internal struggle well.

Dangit! No wonder I can’t find Yong Gook Dae’s song! It’s licensed by Kakao! How are the artists going to get paid for their work when these turf wars are going on?


Thank you!! I will try!
We will sleep on it while doing so :joy: ¡ Qué lástima !


I’m not sure, since I don’t have Fire TV.


I’ve been rewatching Beauty Inside for the ?th time and I had to go looking for this one.
Run by 2morro


Still Obsessed with Yunho

Why is he so GORGEOUS!


JUN from 2 PM - Ms No time for you




World-renowned soprano Jo Soo-mi sings “Adagio” in “Immortal Song”


An older song of Ryan O’Neil’s band Sleeping At Last.

And then after he was the only one left, he continued to make music like this:

I absolutely love Sleeping At Last! Ryan has so many different songs, songs about the Enneagram types, the planets, the human senses, etc.


Gaho ! The musical sequences in this song are so GORGEOUS! I hadda go look up the lyrics and of course, he BLEW IT :smirk: and wants her back! No wonder it’s so soul searchingly beautiful! :heart_eyes:

I need to quit fooling around get back to my homework! It’s due today! AACKKK! :scream: This song is so darned pretty! It’s a major distraction! :upside_down_face:

나는 공부 해요! I study

나는 내 숙제를어요 I do homework

나는 공부를 피한어요! I avoid study. :rofl:

나는 공부하지 않어요! I do not study.

나는 음악을 들어요. I listen to music. :laughing:

Hafta study the correct use of particles better… :laughing:

Mas de la Una - Maluma

Uh. Switching languages to Spanish is NOT helping me with Korean! :scream: :grin:

Uh… Tagalog IS NOT helping either! Completely unrelated language! :rofl: Such a pretty song though… :sunglasses:

This Lakota song is beautiful. (Sioux)