What are you listening to?


This always gets me dancing!

I LOVE Lee Jong Suk so much!


Oh yea, that’s a bop! Nap town - Annapolis? lol. CUTE! They are challenging the other Navy towns!

Ok. I see your Naptown funk and raise you one Uptown funk!

I LOVE that song! So retro! I can’t help but get up and dance to that one! But is KILLLLLLLSSSS my knees! That simple, bent knee, move to the side, step OW!

That was 20L14! MAN! time flies! I remember seeing Bruno on SNL singing this song, - Give him some flags so they can land teh plane on

He’s nervous to open SNL

Lee Jong Suk - Give them some flags so they can land the planes on the carrier! That’s a funny dance. :grin:


Ok, what I want to know is how do these guys not die of embarrassment when they do those hip thrusts? I’m a grown woman, been married more than 25 yrs, 2 kids, you’d think not much would be embarrassing anymore, but I think after the first one I’d fall to the ground hiding my face laughing uncontrollably.


I just discovered this. I bet everybody knows about it already. Putting it here just in case.


Yea. I know, I look away. That and the crotch grab. I can do without that crotch grab. That is just rude. That was something Michael Jackson did way back when. Too bad so many people copied him, thinking anything he did was ‘cool’. The first time I saw that I instantly thought, bad case of jock itch. :laughing: So every time I see these young guys do that move, I think, "Man - cooties must be wide-spread in the industry’ :joy: I wonder what they’d think if they knew what I actually thought about that ‘sexy’ (not) dance move. :rofl:

EXO - Overdose

EXO - Monster

Young K, PARKMOONCHI - What a Wonderful Word

Oh! This is new out today!



There’s a move in Love Shot that Baekhyun does, when I explained it to my young innocent teenager she almost died of embarrassment, she looks away whenever that part comes up. Now do I post it to embarrass you or not…


Double dog dare you! :rofl:

That Husavik song is pretty. :slightly_smiling_face:


You asked for it :wink:

This is the move, shortly followed by a crotch grab :woman_facepalming:


Sweetybird! I had that song on my playlist and always wondered about that ‘love shot’. So I went and looked up that MV. uh yea. OMG… :grin: The timing on those lyrics and that dance… uh yea… lol ‘Self service’ :rofl:

and why does and DO look so sad?! :rofl:


Strangely with the shirt tag at the front I always think he looks like a priest, which is ironic for that song. Maybe that (celibate?) is why he’s sad. :rofl:

Ok, I think I’m way more funny than I really am. :wink:


Lee Song Suk is not a dancer and he worked really hard on that for a Fan Meet! I love that he tried so hard and got outta breath. I watch it cuz IT makes me SMILE!

The actual video - they did the dance like it! You Guys CRACK me up!



Really! He did very well for not being a dancer. he does have talent. I can see that he was outta breath. :grin: He’s a good sport. :smile:

That dance looks like fun. I’d jump up and dance to that if my knees worked better. (I’m getting real tired of not being able to dance properly!) :grinning: In the meantime, I’ll dance in my chair. :sunglasses: (It should break any day now with this dance and ATEEZ I’m the one. - all that jumping around. :rofl: )



That is a fantastic to see the greater Seoul area surround like that. The first time I saw a pic of greater Seoul area I was blown away by HOW MANY PEOPLE THERE ARE! WOW! Seoul is immense and so vertical!


And here I am accustomed to dinky little Bay Area. Downright rural in comparison! But the Bay Area has so many faults we can’t build very high. When that Hayward fault slips, it is going to cause havoc! So many people live right along that fault! That one is years over due to move.

My home:


A teacher’s recommendation, love the music!

Sam Smith!


This SONG is in my HEAD!


Ooo Brand new today! 7 hours old.

Wayv Kick Back


:laughing: Oh no. I only know a few Japanese words. And those were learned watching Samurai and Godzilla movies when I was a kid. :laughing:

I’m not fluent but I understand a lot of Spanish and Korean lyrics. I look up the lyrics to songs when I don’t understand all the words. Increases my vocabulary that way. :sunglasses:

Verivery - Get Away - out March 2, 2021