What are you listening to?


This guy is a very bad kid… lol rebellious? Ha! He’s downright vandalous! Ya gotta just LOVE that ‘down east’ Maine rain hat! Did you know that hat style originated with MicMac / Abenaki people?

Ling Chao from Oner.

Here’s their latest album.


This video summarizes it :wink:


Those guys have good voices!


Lutra, “Vienna” rules - I love U-Vox and pretty much everything Conny Plank did. Also in serious agreement with you on '80s songwriting (also the '70s, but that decade could get a little cheesy.) There was something in the air that decade - just the most creatively explosive period in all of rock history, even more so than the '60s IMO.

Saggiv hit some of my faves - I basically OD’d on Enya back in the day, and here’s my fave Tina Turner song, a duet with “the Elton John of Italy,” Eros - “Cose Della Vita” from the “Tutte Storie” disc. If you weren’t in love with Tina before this tune, you will be by the end of it…

Like others have said, I have so many millions of faves I could post here all day. But I’ll limit myself to a nice odd seven for now, 'cause I’ve got other stuff to do. If you want a good sampling of my J-rock faves I have a 'net radio station - which is always free to listen to like normal radio, so hopefully this doesn’t qualify as spam:

Anyhow, I’m a big believer in crossing borders to find good rock (also good rock has been pretty much dead - or maybe: exiled - from America for the last couple of decades,) so…

Big A** is my fave Thai band, and I first heard them in the Thai drama “Hormones,” which was (maybe still is?) on Amazon Prime and hopefully will be on Viki at some point. I put in the sneaky asterisks to avoid getting in trouble (Faceplant actually disallowed my talking about it because… gasp… “He…he… he said the A-word!” Oh, the horrors. Look, it’s in the Bible and in Shakespeare fer cryin’ out loud.)

Anyway, “Hormones” is a H.S. drama, and the cool thing is that the company that produced the drama also produces BA and the Big Mountain rock festival in Thailand. Some of the characters in the drama form a rock band called See Scape and apply to play in the festival, and here’s the kicker: The actors actually play for real, perform at Big Mountain (of course,) and their peformance - along with a big chunk of others, including BA - is in one of the last episodes, all of it shot at the actual festival. Long story longer, that’s where I first heard BA - doing “Daen Neremit” (all of the people in the front row are the main characters from the drama):

Gu Mai Ru (which I think means “(Do you)Know Or Not?” or just “I Don’t Know,”) is another BA fave:

Rurutia is a Japanese singer who reminds me a little of Enya, though she’s a little more rock than New Age. “Michiru Mori” is a fave from “Water Forest,” which is maybe her best album:

“But the greatest of these is” … the ShakaLabbits, my all-time favorite J-rock band, and until their 2017 “hiatus” (which generally means “breakup,”) were my fave rock band period. “Monologue” is one of the most stunning vids I’ve ever seen - the ultra-slo-mo is jaw-dropping, and you could call this “Donnie Darko minus the light, scattered jet engine showers”:

“Shifuku no Transistor” (Transistor Bliss) is from their last disc “Her,” which came out in early 2017, right before they broke up and right before my first (and so far only,) trip to Japan, so the songs from it will always make me feel like I’m riding bicycle all over Kyoto, which is what we did:

So I was lamenting the demise of the 'Labbits and thought they were gone for good, then somehow (I forget,) I found out that Uki-chan and Mah the drummer had started a new band called Muvidat. I do not like Muvidat nearly as much as the 'Labbits, but… “Fog Lights” is relentlessly cool anyway:

Ok, I’d better just shut up or… I’ll be on here all day. More later probably, 'cause this is my fave subject. :crazy_face:


My Spotify playlist is BACK! YEA! :sunglasses:

I was wondering what was going on because I heard songs I hadn’t heard for awhile. so finally I went and looked and they are back! Spotify and Kakao must have agreed on the licensing.

I am glad because a lot of the songs I couldn’t find.


I’ve decided this it the theme song for S1E2 of Love Alarm
Chicago - Hard habit to break


yt had a suggestion today

Not as funny as the one with JYP though


Lately I have been listening to Dismash. Right now his song Samaltau. It is so good. He is so good.

I have two other artisits that I am liking. Chen Xueran and Forestella.

I recommend “We won’t be falling” by Chen Xueran
and “Hijo de la Luna” by Forestalla I was completely mesmerized by this song. They also have the best cover of Bohemian Raphsody I have ever hear.


Oh Wow, he has a beautiful Voice!

And My Bii - I love him

Hope Everyone is Feeling Loved and Blessed Today! If not, **Sending LOVE!**:blue_heart:


Park Hyung Sik - I’ll Be Here (Hwarang OST)
His voice is so beautiful.



His VOICE oh my goodness! I love him! Chills cuz I know the English Words


I love Park Hyung Sik. Do all of his costars fall head over heals in love. The way he looks at them…


Park Hyung Sik in High Society. It was so campy! But his PART and his Girl! He was so good! When he cried and beat at his heart when he couldn’t have her! OH LORD. Who would not fall for him! I could never act I would fall head over heels!

Oops Did I say That out Loud! I’m a Hopeless Romantic


AAck! I’ve been reading here and went to make sure the Grammy’s were set to record and they changed the time last night! It’s on already!


:no_mouth: They didn’t get their grammy.


Oh! Stray Kids Felix and Changbin have a new song out!




New TODAY - Mirae - Killa -
I like the CG on this one. He floats and has a magic paintbrush.


Haha, it’s too energetic for me this morning I rather want to stay sleepy for a bit longer, night was short.