What are you listening to?


… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I will join in!

I sometimes don’t know, was it just that we were more naive less informed or ignorant, or a little of everything? Our freedom might have been that it felt as if we had more time, in retrospective, but I for sure know that I was busy too, sometimes I had the luxury of “getting lost”. Looking back, that was something marvelous and most of the next generations might not be even aware of, or maybe they will begin to rebel and occasionally turn off that thing we didn’t have back then.


omg i love superband💙 are you watching season 2?


Buddy by LUCY!


So funny JGS came up, he’s such goofball, he made quite good songs and I liked him in Beethoven Virus, I don’t see it on Viki anymore and he played the musician in another movie. There is still Hwangini and Love Rain :wink: He has I think now almost 2 decades career und his belt!!


You Are Beautiful - Switch - The Royal Gambler - Bel Ami are still there. Unfortunately Hwangjini is not in my area, but he only did the younger character there, LOL, I almost said the child version, but that wasn’t it. Marry Me, Mary and has the same faith, not in my region - I didn’t really liked it, and stopped watching and only helped out subbing with the last episodes, I think subbers were not so pleased with it either.


I think generation born 2000 and thereafter will not much see what we have experienced. Technology has taken over so much that it became sort of robotic, entertainment has changed through that as well, look at the TV screens they are making today, lol. I think socializing has changed because of technology even some music of today is just so different. From the materialistic point of view, we have more “than we need” yet economy runs on that, more products more items… sell sell… clothing became more synthetic also… last only few washes…
also the polite addressing in Europe is disappearing… all per “Du”… which is still bizarre to me… I’m obviously old school…

Nothing lasts forever… I’m not sure where future will leads us… but to me it looks grim, more restrictive, less free… as if it’s going somehow backwards… treasure your fond memories :heart_eyes:

I used to go to Club Med on vacation this I remember, everyone had to dance to it :rofl:
The original is by Ottawan


I feel like I’ve been transported back 30 years…
On the dance floor, flickering light and it starts :dancer: Hip left, hip right
Hands in the air and headbänging jeeeeehää jeeeeeyyhääää


I know, it’s just like we see the child actors in K-Drama being told to do this and that to be polite. This was still in use in our time, we were still told to be quiet when elders are talking, to keep our hands clean, to speak polite, sometimes only when asked, to say thank you, … That reminds me, that I wanted to respond some time ago to a post I created where a discussion came up about Kindchen (toddler/young child). “Our generation” was kind of still used to being called Kindchen at times, it could be because we were good and got a compliment are the opposite, that we made trouble and were discovered.

I saw them once live on a final rehersal for a tv show that was broadcasted from a hall in our town. I think it was even an Eurovisions Show with Blacky Fuchsberger, … These were really old days, I wasn’t even a teenager back then, but I think I still must have their autographs.


@gaby_heitmann_975 the song has a nice intro… must be techno interesting composition!
I don’t know if you know this band probably yes, I think they were ahead of time with their music!!
Kraftwerk - Radioaktivität/Radioactivity, original 1975


Girls, I am getting stuck in time, I tell ya! @gaby_heitmann_975 @simi11

Gary Numan always on top when it came to electronic music and still there.


These are all such great songs :grin:


We were prepared for K-Drama haha, slap training …


Yeah good bands and great videos! Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Genesis so much more… only once upon a time… We are fortunate to have YT. I’ve got some old records, I’m missing some though, anyway, record players are coming back, why are they so expensive… I want a retro combo with a CD, radio and cassette player all in one… Would love if there was a Retro Club (for dancing) somewhere :wink:

Keep on dreaming while jamming, girls!!:musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:


Good night for now!



When you love Kpop. But you grew up with Western music. :grin::notes:



Seventeen 24h :two_hearts: :gem: :musical_score: :heart:


Ok, Some new tunes hit YouTube recently!

HYUNJIN is BACK! :fire::fire::fire:Play With FIRE - :fire::fire::fire:THE CHOREOGRAPHY IS TO DIE FOR! :fire::fire::fire:

And it’s his own choreography, too. This and KangDaniel’s Paranoia are neck to neck for favorite dance MVs.

Woosung - LAZY

lol. Yep, he’s lazy! (Clean that mess! dag nabbit! and SHOES OFF THE BED! (And that dog too) [He picked up some bad habits in LA. :smile: ]

KANGTA - Free to Fly

(Dropped 6 hours ago)

Day 6 Even of Day - Right Through Me - live clip

This reminds me of my old neighborhood, guys jammin’ in the garage.

Of course, BTS - Permission to Dance.

And just because I love this one! SO CUTE!

UP all night! Stray Kids Player


Okay, I’ve always liked Henry since I watched Oh My Venus and appreciated the guy’s talent. But yesterday. YESTERDAY. I FELL IN LOVE.
I ADORE HIS YT CHANNEL! He chooses the best songs that fit his guests’ voices perfectly. And the duets sound HEAVENLY! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I wanted to add everything here but I’m restraining myself putting up my top three:
The three of them are vocal QUEENS and with Henry, they’re just so powerful! I’m a sucker for harmony! I’ve started the videos at certain points so you can hear the best parts quicker!^^