What are you listening to?



Avoiding being told I am too active posting here, so adding it to yesterday’s post.

Don’t ask me what’s going on with me today, I just need to listen to music of a certain tempo to have the illusion that everything will turn out good.


This is so cute! Some of these kids can dance!

The first teen and kid are the best! Just watch them!


Chills! I love HENRY! He hangs out in my car! Well, his CD does! :purple_heart:


D.O’s DEBUT SOLO ALBUM IS OUT!! :sparkler::sparkler::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

His vocals are so beautiful here! I love the entire concept! The entire album is gorgeously aesthetic :heart_eyes:
He sang the song in English too!

and one in SPANISH!

Still mad at SM for not promoting it aT ALL but oh well I’ll just enjoy it




OMGoodness, I love this song - both the original and the English versions. ~Runs off to put them on my playlist~

If the whole album has a similar vibe, I could be a big fan.


I love his style!! :heart_eyes: It’s so refreshing to hear acoustic vocals! And Kyungsoo’s voice is a treat to listen to^^
My favorites from the album are Rose, Dad and I’m Gonna Love You, but the whole album is pretty un-skippable, according to me :sweat_smile:


I have to agree. I want ‘I’m Gonna Love You’ on repeat, but his album isn’t on Spotify. I hate to break down and make another account on another app, but it may be necessary. Or, I guess I’ll have to break out the cash and buy it for myself.


I don’t know what’s up with SM and this album :disappointed_relieved: but I’m hoping it’ll reach Spotify soon…
He hardly promoted it, we didn’t even get a live! And it’s his solo debut album!


That’s really sad.


Doesn’t his work? I don’t use Spotify, but others told me his album is available there…


I am really excited to watch DO in Swing Kids and 100 Days My Prince


I just love Henry - this is so cute -
Do you know what love is???
She’s a fan - but a great flute player


Apparently it is a problem with my own Spotify. It is not letting me search for anything. Good to know his album is there, once I figure out my app.


yt suggestion


Turns out it was nothing that a ‘reboot’ of Spotify couldn’t fix. haha All is well, and D.O. is now added to my playlist.




Viki already has me in heart jail and now they’re disciplining me WHILE I’M IN THERE :flushed: GOodness, I GET IT, I’ll play with the others in the playground too, I promise!


:rofl: You really just can’t win sometimes. :rofl: