What are you listening to?



Just their whole album…


Ahhh I have this song stuck in my head for the past week! It’s just really addictive! :heart_eyes:


Jackson Wang - ‘Drive You Home’

Just dropped yesterday. AGH! I DO NOT like to see Jackson hurt like that. I know it’s stage makeup but it’s too realistic! :scream:

Very good MV and song. :smiley:


All that is made by BTS. I am just in love with them.:purple_heart:


Just listening to utensils clapping with themselves while inhaling carbon dioxide which is slowly degrading my lungs while eating food that has expired since long time. while watching shows that are in black and white :persevere:


He amazes me more and more and more when I watch him!


Gotta love Phil Collins, his last concert tour is in UK, Irland in the US…“The Last Domino” I wished I could make it… Boston in December… a wonderful and versatile musician, shall I say icon, his son plays now the drums on his tour (Phil had multiple back surgeries…)
I was in London studying and this aired almost every morning on the radio… I found it so powerful. I saw him later in Basel live :heart_eyes::star_struck:


German TV put up a ZZ Top concert in honor of the death of Dusty Hill who recently joined the rockers on the heavenly stage. RIP
I can’t tell if there is a region restriction, but hope if you like rock, that you will be able to enjoy it. The concert was from 1980, the very first time they were shown in German TV, well back then when our broadcaster still had those shows we now call old, classic and cool …


To the whole album basically :blush:


Phil Collins or Genesis
He is so great :slight_smile: And here is another of his really great songs

:hugs: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I hope the song is not listed yet, otherwise I always say…
“Double is better”


I don’t think so and I think I can’t remember this song, Phil is funny in this video, lol :rofl: what a performance!! Woot woot!
Here’s another with the masks of “splitting image” (It used to be a comedy show like the muppets) they are showing Nancy and Ronald :laughing: and Genesis characters…


I still know that song too,
My God, it’s been such a long time.

Every time you hear old songs again, you notice the time :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing:


Gray - Baby Don’t Cry.



Thriller - Oneus


I don’t know who Helene Fischer is but Nick still rocks!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I would love to see them in a concert… they are (Backstreet Boys (now Men)) still so cool…


So schön :slight_smile: