What are you listening to?


I think it’s just fitting in days like these :heart:



I love him so much!!! :sunny:


Me too!!


I remember driving on the German Autobahn together with a friend, yeah no speed limit, I know, but it was night and dark, and used our family car with 60 PS not that much to run with the bigger “horse-powered ones”.
I don’t remember what time at night it was but suddenly the moderators voice was a bit low, and she said that Freddy Mercury has died, and they just started playing this song, …

… and I got goosebumps and teared up, while not trying to cry, because driving at night, with I guess 120 km/h, … Teary eyes while driving are no good


Wow, this is my favorite!


I have more than one favorite, this is one of them


After looking what is happening in this world once again, I recalled these songs.



Rain and Thunder at my House - Knock on Wood!


I’m listening to The Rose & Day6

The Rose, Sorry their debut song. :heart_eyes:

Day6, Zombie


New today. Just dropped 6 hours ago.

Stray Kids - 소리꾼

Silent Cry

No Easy


I make my own playlists for my favorite dramas. This song seems to end up on a lot of them! :grin:


All new stuff. Dropping last night and today.

Cheese - Stray Kids

Red LIghts - Stray Kids

Gone Away

Star Lost

Wooks - Summer Is Gone


I feel just like this song…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Waiting for Stand By Me to drop the next episodes so I can start segging. It drops between 6:15 am and 6:30 am usually. In the meantime, let’s see what’s new on YouTube!

Henry - Home

aack It’s not on Spotify yet.

BTS - I’ll be missing you - BBC radio

Jay B - B.T.W

CL _ Spicy - Ewww! CREEPY opening! :scream:

제이비 직캠 - Jay B - MPD

Ok… the Stand By Me episodes have dropped. BBL


I really like this song!


I could listen to this song a 100 times and still be on verge of crying :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::disappointed_relieved::


Some have a voice that leaves you speechless :star_struck: Everything fits


New drops today!

Key - Hate That - Featuring Taeyeon

BTOB - Outsider

How cool! Such an interesting sound! Kinda retro- big band elements, jive and hiphop all mixed up. I’m not sure how to describe this one. It’s very good! :sunglasses:

Suga - Over the Horizon - mostly music

Sungmin - Blooming

Henry - Lights up lasers in street dance. This was Aug 15 but I just found it today.

ONEWE - 그시절 - Yonghoon has such a beautiful voice.

KISSXS - Hands on Me