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Ooo! I LIKE this one! It’s a pre-listening song. Vote for your favorite.

Ateez Deja Vu

Voting site in link - Aug 31, 2021
Deja Vu

Eternal sunshine


I’m surprised Youtube Music is so accurate… I feel like I haven’t listened to EXO or BTOB’s Red Lie for a long time now though they ARE my favorites :woman_shrugging: And I’ve been going through an ATEEZ phase but they haven’t popped up as my favorites yet.

I love the tunes and melodies they come out with!! Falling in love with ATEEZ! :heart_eyes:


Oh yea. They are one of my favorite groups. and they can DANCE!


Why won’t you put your favorite songs here?
If you scroll a few days back you can even find some English titles of the 80s …
There is a lot here from different countries, a variety of languages and from all times.
We use yt because it is the easiest to put into the comments and most have access to the videos.


What a combination!

And another cover version …


ATEEZ performance preview for their new album Zero: Fever part 3

These dropped in the last 20 minutes.

VOTE for your favorite:

Eternal Sunshine


Voting links are at the bottom of the You Tube preview page.


Ah, c’est que je ne prends pas le temps de bien regarder… Vu qu’il y a énormément de musiques que j’aime beaucoup des années 80, je préfère mettre une playlist bien remplie plutôt que de sélectionner quelques titres parmi mes préférés


I believe it was from the 80s, playlists from YT are no problem as you can just start playing them in the comments like the videos.


This is honestly a catchy song!
It popped up in my recommends and I almost never watch mv’s,
but I saw it and went… is that Moon Seyoon?



Sometimes words fail me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:



Okay, y’all. This is Zhou Shen, or Charlie Zhou. He’s 28. And for the life of me, I have no idea how this man has such a beautiful voice. Close your eyes and try to imagine the sound coming from his mouth. I cannot.
I first heard him in The Bond’s OST. I kept asking people which female singer sang the theme song till someone told me it wasn’t a woman but a man. :scream:But his voice is really beautiful and @irmar is his Italian pronunciation correct?

This is the OST he sang:

and I’m still listening to so many of his songs trying to convince myself he isn’t playing tricks.


Beautiful voice :smile:


His Italian is not bad at all! But he sometimes sings songs which are not for him. For instance he is divine in Lonely Shepherd (from The Sound of Music - playful, delightful), but not good at all in Memory (from Cats - there’s no heartbreak in his rendition, very superficial)
As he is a very special case, he has to choose smartly carefully his songs, to showcase his strengths but not his weaknesses.


Dang! He isn’t a tenor he’s a soprano!




I’m in love with this show!!!




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