What are you listening to?


Pandora - It has a Korean OST station - I love it!!! :purple_heart:


NICE song! Thanks!

I forgot Lee Min Ho likes to sing for his fans.


The comments are soo funny :rofl:


Lol @feyfayer
I must have checked five times to see if I accidentally pressed pause :sweat_smile::joy::joy:


Yeah, the first time I heard it, I was like: wait… what? :rofl:


I’m currently listening to rachmaninoff

Studying is best when accompanied by Gymnopedie or rachmaninoff and bach or debussy


Haha, this comes at least 40 years too late.

@perspective_of_life I meant for me, haha


lol but I prefer this today too


Some really don’t do much and do it pretty well


or i listen to kpop songs


Or even solo singer songs is better for me, i don’t know why but people like lo-fi music. It disturbs me from my work. Its not preferable to me



New - Stray Kids - 강박

Bang Chan and Hyunjin - The sound on this one! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:

Ateez - Deja Vu

Young K (Day 6) Come as You Are

Stray Kids - Cheese

Aw… they grew out of their kiddy cars. :laughing:



Love these guys !


I’ve been suffering a little insomnia lately, so this is currently my anthem. ‘Insomnia’ by Junho. I’m in love with Junho and his voice all over again. @kdrama2020ali



This one is really different. Not sure at all what genre this one is. I can’t say I like this one. It just dropped an hour ago.

NCT 127 - Sticker

oh yea… there’s abs for @kdrama2020ali :sunglasses: :laughing:

Woosung has a teaser out - Dimples


It pains me to say it but, I don’t like it. My youngest and I watched when it dropped, we were sitting waiting excitedly, then about 1/2 way through she turns the volume down looks over at me and says, you look like you’re in physical pain. She said the flute (sounds higher pitched than a flute) was just about to give her a headache. She actually hit the dislike button, then said it hurt her soul too much to do that, and undid it.
Sorry NCT, I love you honest, (just not that song.)


This song must especially be for me! :blush:


Ok Someone was asking who was who in Ateez 's dance practice of Deja Vu

Here you go. green for the names showed up best over that background.

The whole floor shakes while they are dancing. or at least the camera