What are you listening to?


Theme song for the thread of DIMPLES!


From the movie KATE on ntfx. Awesome action packed by actress: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, actor:Woody Harrelson


Oooo! Yea! That NOTE! Wheee! :sunglasses: Good song!

Luminous - Run


Currently literally listening to HIP from Mamamoo. I love them sooo much, and I think that they are actually really underrated :upside_down_face:


I Miss ZE:A


ONEWE - Cosmos

Yonghoon has such a beautiful singing voice.

I like Mamamoo too. :sunglasses:



porkypine90_261 AYA is such a bop!!


I’ve been listening to this cover song over and over since I saw the game ‘life is strange: true colors’ in a live stream.





I think I fall in love with F.T.ISLAND :heart_eyes:


Sometimes there are just days that don’t feel not easy. Ever tried healing or sleep music with high frequencies, Rem or Delta, binaural beat, there are so many. But this one was my first I ever listened and I still go back to it… the sound is soothing… with headphones you can hear it undisturbed. It does really help if you open to it.


Hey! @kdrama2020ali

DIMPLES - It dropped today - 8 hours old!


I just saw it on INSTAGRAM and had to tell him :fire: :fire: :fire: on his Insta! :love_letter:


After seeing “Twenty” I have this song in my mind all the time!!

BTW @kdrama2020ali I can’t with Jun Ho face at this scene :rofl:


What was that white truck of doom, so fast that you couldn’t see it …


reminds me on this one, now I have an “earworm”


This next one is a cover of the above song.

I heard the cover many times before I listened to the original. They have totally different vibes but I like both. The original has been on repeat since 1 am saturday :sweat_smile:


I’m late to the ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ party, but WOW! I just watched the round where the different groups combined and then split into the dance, rap, and vocal units. And the vocal performance by team Mayfly (Jongho of ATEEZ, Eunkwang of BTOB, Seungmin of Stray Kids) of IU’s ‘Love Poem’ was beyond amazing with out of this world harmonies. I have a new appreciation for each of these vocalists. I got goosebumps on top of my goosebumps.