What are you listening to?


Hey, he’s back :smile:
I was on his channel a few weeks ago to check if he had done anything new and now you post this :blush:


Yes, and in 20 hrs it was close to 2 million streams.
I am still in the mood of “Alors on danse”, because I normally look for video, not always go to the channel and search there I didn’t know that there was a whole concert of him available.
Guess I need to make some time. :wink:

I posted the video 9 hrs ago, and now it’s 1 million streams later, and nice subtitles available at least in my native language.


SK’s rising star… not an idol, a trot singer.


I like this beautiful ballad, it’s the OST from Young Lady and Gentleman drama:
Lim Young Woong

What a coincidence I was listening to his OST :blush:, he seems versatile, I like his voice!
This here OST from Goblin :relaxed:


Ahhh his voice is beautiful! I found out about him from Young Lady and Gentleman! :sweat_smile:


this guys WOW!!! Beautiful life is one of my favorites!


Henry and Suhyun singing Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

and an orchestral version of the Chainsmokers’ “Closer”… this duo is powerful THANK YOU BEGIN AGAIN KOREA!

and Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”




I feel stupid for not checking the lyrics or watching the MV properly, though I’ve been streaming the audio quite a lot. The lyrics with the MV… WOW. I love the way it reminds you of every high school movie ever, with the Regina Georges(mean girls) of these movies as the FL here. It gives that vibe - “You’re not the only smart/cunning one here”

… and then, after all that, the “You really don’t understand a woman’s heart.” I’ll let the MV and Somi speak for themselves.
And Somi is an amazing vocal!


Here’s some new stuff.

One by Oneus - Intro
It’s an interesting fusion.

And another by Kingdom - Black Crown


I don’t know why, but I love this song:


lol I was gonna say when looking at that image. “Hey! I didn’t know he was a singer!” Then I listened to it. Nope. She sings very well. lol Yes a very pretty song. It has a nice intro hook.


I see I’m not the only one who’s been listening to Eric Nam’s newest song


hahahaha fooled by me! just kidding, but it’s a good song


AHHHH I LOVE COMEBACK SEASON! Seventeen’s back with a bang! I really, really love their music! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love this concept. So cool.



I don’t think I posted this one very creative and sort of provoking MV with Kim Jae Joong, Mine.

I think it had something to do with that the SKorean music industry is still blocking him from performing, although thanks to JYJ a law was made to prohibit such behavior. - Therefore he’s musically more active in Japan…


I stumbled over this new girl band, they remind me Spice Girls!!!
Black Swan sings this spunky song “Close to Me”.


This song was released 3 years ago, but his voice is so beautiful ! And I think he deserves more recognition :smiley:


I really hope their company treats them well this time around :slight_smile: .
They used to be Rania, then BP Rania, now Black Swan (different members every time).

OMG, how is this song already 10 years old? I remember when the MV came out :scream::open_mouth::sweat_smile:

Also remember when they added Alex… man this group had a lot of changes (and they did her dirty :sweat_smile:).