What are you listening to?


This song is everywhere.
Took me so long to find out who the actual artist was :sweat_smile:


LOL I am not everywhere, first time hearing it, not my kind of ear-candy.


Hahah I should have specified: everywhere on Social Media, or it seems that way in my case :wink:. I hear a clip from it every day repeatedly, from content creators in different parts in the world :blush:


LOL That explains it since my “Social Media” is Viki and that’s it. :wink:


I am a bit nostalgic today

This song is inspired by a poem of Erich Fried - Was es ist

I don’t know of an English translation, maybe? Literally it would be What it is




InuYasha『Longing』 (Shakuhachi, Viola, Piano arrange) Japanese traditional bamboo flute SHAKUHACHI



It’s funny, I didn’t look up the artists for the OST this time, but I kept feeling like JSH was singing this OST and I finally saw it in my Spotify list. Haha I was right.

I love JSH’s OSTs ever since Another Miss Oh :smile:

Same, but the recorded version:


This popped in my head reading your lines :rofl:

Folks, you have to watch the dancing style then… :rofl: I was laughing so hard… that was a big hit!

Flower times :wink: :hibiscus:


That’s a beautiful composition, I can relate this to spring when plants are awakening… and I remembered this:


The thing is that these days, my short time memory is the worst, but somehow I start to remember older band names, it’s quite random.
Bands some don’t remember or if you are old enough to remember you still don’t know.
This song will be 40 years next year. I was a teenager back then and with a line like - Get away, run away … Any song could pick me up.

This one is so funny, back then we didn’t have our Asian dramas, but here she is throwing a resignation letter right at the beginning that is K-style and after that there is smoke coming out the keyhole and that is so historical C-style. LOL

another find

Oh, man, there were such different music types around back then.

Some may recognize the sound but this was from 1981 and the other one from 1990

Keep on dancing LOL and don’t think about how it looks, just go for the feel.


Our guys are dressed for Halloween.

ATEEZ - Deja Vu Vampire Edition

Stray Kids Halloween Relay

BTS - alter egos


Justin Bieber x Chaeyoung - they sound sooooooo good together!! (it’s a fanmade video created by putting the two separate MVs together)


This likely happens when you start aging, you go back to childhood, teenagerhood, remembering the good times, perhaps carefree times… maybe with corona our life has become dull compared with what we had before…

The break dance era was so cool!
Rick’s song starts like in Hammer’s U can’t touch this… strange… but Rick’s song’s older.

I like this video, Andre plays all the characters which is fun!


That’s when sampling started, picking a part of another song, and using it for a new one. Rick James said he never gave permission, but you can read that his lawyers did. Originally he never wanted to do it in general for no other artist, but it is said that later he wasn’t that angry when getting the money from Can’t Touch This.


Leo I’m Still Here



I love Phil Collins and this is a really good cover of his song, I like Janet’s deep voice which make the song eaqually powerful, really nice performance! - I didn’t know there are so many covers of his song!
The piano score is just so beautiful :heart_eyes:

how can he sing this so good as well :blush: