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Sometimes there are days like this


Nur ein Wort - Just One Word


Why didn’t Limahl get more successful :cry: I can’t believe some singers are indeed getting old, lol like me :joy:
I like his deep voice. - Christmas is here soon…


Interesting clip of various dramas, did you make it??


That’s a cool band and song, the video is creative. I’ve never heard of this band, but then I was in the US and raising kids… although I still listened to music…


Really? They were huge back then. I loved them because all the frustrating things happening - listening to their music made it just go away.
Skin’s voice is just pure energy

@spaufler_89 Oh, Wir Sind Helden! Ich werde nie vergessen, als
die Konkurrenz plötzlich im japanischen Film Usagi Drop anlief …

Schade, dass der Film nicht mehr hier freigegeben ist.

Das ist komisch ich haben einen deutschen Trailer gefunden, den Film aber immer nur mit dem Originalton gehört.


NCT 127 - Favorite Vampire Halloween Comstume version


Turkish - Jamaican Patois + (German)

… means, the second singer is from Germany and sings Patois


LOL ist das ne Playlist, ich habs im Hintergrund laufen lassen und irgendwie hörte es nicht mehr auf …
P.S. Hab gerade nochmal draufgeschaut 134 Titel, wow …

Gentleman schon lange nicht mehr gehört, danke für die Inspiration.



Oldie Goldie Day!

THIS is the music I grew up listening to!
Some of my favs. :sunglasses:

Reach Out - 4 Tops (1966)

My Girl - Temptations (1964)

The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack (1969)

Now This is a love song!

A B C - Jackson 5 (1970)

(Michael Jackson is the little kid lead singer) (1970)

Respect Yourself - Aretha Franklin (1967)

Mother Popcorn - James Brown (1969)

Now this was dancing music!

Oye Como Va - Santana (1970) [Tito Puente’s original was 1962]

Cha-Cha-Cha baby!

Tiptoe through the tulips - Tiny Tim (1968)

Then, there was this. uh… we have no explanation for this. It was just the weirdness of my generation. :laughing::rofl::sunglasses::rofl: This song was the meme of its day - (before we dinosaurs invented the internet for all you kiddos.)

There are SO MANY More than I can list here. So, jump one generation!

U Can’t Touch This - MC Hammer (1990)

MY son had some WILD-looking parachute pants back then. :laughing::sunglasses:

Desgara en Puerto Rico - Puerto Rican All Stars & KAKO

AND what we heard our parents playing all day at home! (We called it Viejo music when we were terrible teenagers - back then Santana was COOL! :laughing: - but I MISS hearing viejo music coming out the windows now! SO I blast the neighborhood here in Idaho with Boricua music now. :laughing: sharing some Puerto Rican culture with potato-ites :sunglasses: )


I know this, hahaha, from my early childhood, but you know it’s a tiny bit older than me, so if you had not mentioned it I probably never had known who the artist was. There was even a German version Tip Tap in die Tulpen (Tip Tap into the tulips) sung be Ilja Richter, no less “funny”.

My friend’s son back then was still in his diapers, LOL, he didn’t walk steady back then, but whenever this song played he lifted his butt up and danced, it was such a joy to watch.

We in Germany don’t have it, but we had Caterina Valente in the 50s- 60s and even the 70s. For feeding us “Fernweh”, which unfortunately is a word translated in English with the other German word Wanderlust. In German the one does not really fit with the other but Fernweh, is when you are filled with longing to go far, far away to beautiful landscapes, wonderful people, incredible beaches, … I guess you understand that Wanderlust, in German it is the pleasure of hiking, does not really suffice for “Fernweh” …


LOL his attitude made me laugh so much! what’s his name?


Hua Chenyu. :slight_smile:

And the song is called 瘋人院 (Madhouse).


Here’s the OST Part 4 for Jurisan sung by Jin from BTS




I highly recommend his whole discography!

This is, CHASER by WOODZ
B-side from his most recent mini album, “Only Lovers Left”


Great singing! Talent!