What are you listening to?





The song for today, for some inexplicable reason lol
There’s no literal meaning, but… good song


I have no idea how this tab opened… but I was surprised, this is for all KPop Fans!!!


This one is a trip!
The Hu - Yuve Yuve Yu

This one is Too metal for me but it is an interesting fusion


Sometimes You Just Got to Light Um UP!!!


That video got me interested in Mongolian throat singing and Mongolian music in general when it came out :grinning:


Oooo Dongmyeong from ONEWE has a nice song out.

Interesting fusion piece. Kim Hyun Joong


I am currently listening to "I’m breaking down" from K-Drama “Doom at your service”.


The videos are well done and creative! What instruments do they play… looks like custom made! The first song has a good tune!


I can’t help it… They made me laugh so hard with this one x)



This is so beautiful you can see the birds flying - one of the most beautiful violin pieces I have ever heard!


Well, well, I don’t know where YouTube has been with this one. It’s been out for over a year and I just found it today while looking for lyrics to another song.

Ateez - Star 111


Well, Studio Accantus and their Polish version of classic “Lune” from the musical Notre Dame de Paris…
Love this song :heart: