What are you listening to?

People on the internet are really talented :blush:
I saw one of their videos on my fyp and it was surprisingly good.

no separation- heaven offficial’s blessing ost

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Astro - I’m so happy they are still making music, but I’m also sad knowing Moonbin won’t be in their new songs anymore. They know how to put those feelings into their songs.

For the Arohas:

Astro - Circles

Cha Eunwoo - Where Am I
So sad, and at the same time his voice is so warm in this song

Cha Eunwoo - Stay
:musical_note: :studio_microphone: When you miss someone in a while, just think of me, I’ll live by you somehow, I want you to stay here. :studio_microphone: :musical_note:

I feel their songs are sad, but also comforting and giving hope.


Ryan Little
His beats are always🔥 lit!


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I’m obsessed with Rose singing this one. It makes me cry every time!!!


First impression: Team 07:00 on Peak Time with :musical_note: Hallo (from Nu’est) :musical_note:

A mesmerising version of :musical_note: My Sea :musical_note: on Peak Time. (He is the king of opening a song. I wish this was an actual group, and these members would stay together, but they are only singing together for a mission in one round.)

:musical_note: Sevenus - Want You Back :musical_note:


A refreshing song from newby Gyubin.

:musical_note: Gyubin - Really Like You :musical_note:

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Hallo :smile:
Vielleicht hat ja jemand einmal Zeit und könnte es mir ein bischen übersetzen ins deutsche ?!
Das wäre echt lieb. :heart:


:musical_note: Zerobaseone - Feel the pop :musical_note:

:musical_note: As if my heart is bursting pop pop pop pop :musical_note:
:musical_note: Lala zero pop with me :musical_note:

I can’t sit still, when I hear this song. My shoulders start to move automatically.

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