What are you reading?


That’s so lovely. Thank you for sharing your dream. :hugs: :orange_heart:

Ehh… I’ve always imagined you as a striking lady from the Caribbean. But if I’m wrong, I apologise in advance.


Currently reading Verdwijnpunt by Wytske Versteeg:

Lately I have also been listening to some audiobooks on YouTube (mostly horror).

In general, there are a lot of genres I like. Nowadays I read mostly in either Dutch or English (simply because those are the easiest available ones), but in the past I read books in German, French, Swedish, and Norwegian as well.


I don’t usually do this, but thought y’all might be interested

I like scifi, mysteries, history search&research(genealogy)


I couldn’t resist to say: “I’m reading my bills!!” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Currently I’m reading news online… ever daily changes and happenings… hope Dems won’t raise taxes!! At this time I have no time for a book, although I saved many and unfortunately donated many… In past I co-read books that kids had as school assignments like Hole and the Breadwinner, and of course Harry Potter books, I like fiction and fairytales. Another one was the Swiss accounts… during WWII and The Greenlanders a fat big book, very well written!!

Other fat book was “Gone With The Wind” I’m sure many know the what 3-4 hours long movie and the book had 700 pages :scream:


Don’t get too depressed reading those, ya hear? :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


Since we’re on the subject of books, please allow me to tell you about a book I wrote describing a somewhat distant future in which Elon Musk has already conquered the vast outer space, establishing colonies all over the Universe. After the billionaires and scientists and soldiers, regular folk have also started making hyperdrive jumps to these celestial settlements… And with them the bad folk too, the criminals, the terrorists…

The protagonist, a jaded detective working on a hot case, is constantly remarking how his new home has become Earth 2.0.

I thought that was really interesting. If you think the same, simply search Detective Ace by Adrian Morales on your reading device. :rocket: :milky_way: :books:


But I disagree with the “focus on eternity, not the here and now” bit. When your son was sick, you sprung into action. You focused on the immediate situation.
With the pandemic, you’re doing more than most of us are. You’re focused on the here and now. Eternity can wait. And you’re not saying, “Let God handle it,” either. You’re handling it. With His support, of course.

Anyway, your actions are worth a billion times more than all the preaching in the world. I wish I could help too… Mmm… Perhaps with a funny story to keep your morale high… :sweat_smile:


Yay Adrian, you have some nice author works on Amazon, wishing you good success!! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. :grin::orange_heart:


I do not have much time for reading now. Because I am into preparing for writing essays and other exams in college. Sometimes when I have not much free time I apply to for getting little help with writing big college papers.


That’s alright. Life demands our undivided attention, after all. But don’t forget to put aside a bit of me time as well. And if you can’t read a book, why not listen to one instead? Audiobooks are really popular. There are many services from which to choose, including Viki’s sibling, Kobo books. :books: