What are you reading?


Mary, you could participate in online writing contests. Then there usually already is some kind of assignment to get you started.
There might now and then also be writing workshops in bookstores in your hometown. Those are often free of charge.
Check the shops for magazines about writng.

And did you ever participate in NaNoWriMo?


thats the name!! “the” I was gonna, but didn’t!! I will check that out in a few minutesd, as for writing work shops, haven’t found any, even the library., I will look more!! still got some book stores I haven’t checked…



I just signed up!! thanks! I have so much wanted to do this!!


I also found a bunch of links on facebook too!



Be careful with those links, and if they ask too many of your personal information, don’t give it to them. We are in dangerous times when it comes to this site, and there are people who are prowling around them links to steal, and do many other damage to others. They are ‘‘lurking around’’ don’t become a victim so be cautious. With one link a lady lost $3,500.


oh oh another to look out for! thanks for the “heads up” I will be very careful then

maybe thinking of unsubscribing to those links now being that I have the following…

found a genealogy mystery on my kindel, thought I’d read it today

Hiding the Past, not the one I am looking for

Christmas cupcakes & a caper

the vanished child

and got a bunch of creative writing books there too!!

find the healing quilt from Wanda Bruenstetter, awesome story do the Christmas quilt first.

the Jayne Synclair Genealogy
honestly, I forgot I had these!!! but physical books to me are better, but now I got these so plan to read a bunch the next few weeks


I just seen this and I had to share!
oh my goodness!!


Because I really adore English and its Grammar in particular, I’m currently reading this awesome book written by an equally awesome writer:


and a lot of us Englishers mess up the language, esp those commas for one. I think I got a book like that in my “collection”




In South Korea, subway cars have mini libraries. How freaking awesome is this? :bullettrain_front: :books: :books: :books:


Wow, that is cool!
I already like the little libraries that people put up around the neighborhood [you can take a book and leave one of your own], but this is cool on another level :smile:


got them around my area, I think they are awesome!


i have lack of time now for reading


I found a book “in my collection” I have forgotten about.Being I am a frustrated writer, need all the help I can get. this one "Building Believable characters.

the gist of it is… can you describe like say your brother or sister? cousin, mom or dad, teacher etc. I came up with some funny descriptions!!

so Atlantis again, what did they really look like? Fish? or did they just have gills, webs? stuff like that. oh yeah special powers???

  1. sticks & scones by Diane Mott Davidson
    2The Atlantis Gene by Ag Riddle, (theres 2 more in this series, Amazon here I come!!)
    3A turn in the road, Debbie Macomber
    5 Darkover Landfall, Marion Zimmer Bradley
    6Wed and Buried ,Mary Daheim
    got more but this is a start

drewcart, theres the audible ones


All-time favorite book: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

First book I finished myself: Original Sin (Been trying to it published for a while now, but the market isn’t great for high fantasy at the moment.)

Current idea: Mafia romance with a genetic-tampering sci-fi twist (Thought I’d try my hand at writing what the current market likes yet attempt to stay true to my fantasy roots. However, it has become far too similar to 365 days, and the sci-fi element has gotten lost. So, we scrap that idea and try something different.)

Books I go to when I need inspiration:
-Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
-Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
-The Comet Seekers
-The Righteous Mind: Why good men are divided by religion and politics

***I also get a lot of inspiration from the Bible. That’s my go-to…spinning religious topics into high fantasy ideas.

I didn’t realize until after I made the post that my choice of books are incredibly classical. Who even reads this stuff anymore? LOLs :sweat_smile:


thats why I am called “Frustrated writer” , love to write,


I will try and finish what I have started reading over the holidays


You do. And that’s totally awesome. :grin: :books: