What are you reading?


Atlantis Gene, now this one is interesting, at this time I don’t or haven’t read anything about “Atlantis” as far as I can tell its a virus of sorts the book goes from one thing to another.

it is really good when I do get into it, but gosh so many twists and turns. when I tell you this one, you can laugh, as some of you know I am a genealogist at heart, well the person that is heading the research, last name? WARNER!!! my maiden name, ok laugh, and of course thats another reason why I am reading this as well

Darkover Landfill(Marion Zimmer Bradley) this lady was an awesome sci fi writer, she did some stories of Atlantis btw

The Skin map(Stephen Lawhead) I have just started reading some of his books,
Wed & Buried(Mary Daheim) bed & breakfast mysteries

I have read a lot of her books, they are good
this is just an update from my last message. I said I was going to start reading them and I have this past week done that.

Sailormoon4ever, song of solomon a good one, anyway thats just one. heres something you could research, Solomon & Queen of Sheba, 1, did they or did they not, have a child?
2, later did that child take the arc of covenent to his homeland, is it still there? could create a terrific mystery there


Our internet went out last night, and we couldn’t get a tech to our house until this morning, so for the first time in a couple years (since I fell down the Asian drama rabbit hole and got addicted) I picked up a book to read before bed instead of my tablet.

The book of choice was ‘The Art Forger’ by B.A. Shapiro. I’m already about a third through, and I can’t put it down. It looks like drama and dance/music videos will be taking a back seat until I get this puppy finished.


I am still reading from my list, a couple are quite boring, I may go to the last page and read last chapter then go on to something else

are we like this???


my_happy place, I think I have read that a few years ago! it does sound familiar… read first chapter on amazon, YEAH!!! this one was a good one, guess who is ordering it today?? hehehehe and ordered another one, I have forgotten about these! now I can delete Atlantis gene.


It was really good and a really easy read. I started it one night before bed and finished it by the next afternoon.



I recommend this because it’s such an inspiring story of surviving through life’s most cruel trying times. I can never forget this story and I read it many years ago. I got in from the Library and you might find it there, too. btw, Falling Leaves is a must to read, too.

excerpt from: wikipedia/amazon

From the author of critically acclaimed and bestselling memoir Falling Leaves, this is a poignant and moving true account of her childhood, growing up as an unloved daughter in 1940s China. Like the classic Cinderella story, this powerful memoir is a moving story of resilience and hope.


This book is looking at me and I should reread it, it’s a motivational and inspirational guidance book. I need to reorganize my life this year, small steps and just need some reinforcement.

the same writer wrote this book here which is also great and full of good avices!

I bought a diary notebook that I wanted start but I got an eye infection and typing here it’s okay just not on paper…
Anyone else starting writing diary???


I started reading this book again, and in my opinion, it’s an awesome book to learn about how we can’t allow evil overtake us/our soul ( after all we are imperfect humans), and we must learn through our trials and pain not to loose our sense of what’s really being good and being evil, and once we recognize the evil is within ‘‘us’’ and not others, we can learn how we can overcome that evil with good, so we can win the never ending battle.
If there’s a time where we question if being GOOD in life is worth it; This is the book to read, and you can cast out all doubts aside. HOPE YOU ALL LOOK INTO IT. SPIRITUAL READING.

This book written by a Jewish Rabbi [WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE]


Rational Emotive Behavior
Albert Ellis
His work was based on how an individual’s beliefs strongly affect their emotional functioning and behaviors. Ellis called these irrational beliefs, because they made people feel depressed, anxious, and angry and led to self-defeating behaviors.


During my College years, I did an essay of 500 words, and got an A+ I started my topic with the quote: There’s no such thing as good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’’


“Don’t get mad or get even—get placid using these techniques for defusing difficult situations.”
This one helps you find ways to keep the darts of the evil one from hitting you/me/us/etc. For when we are attacked by other people, is not them, but the evil one that they allow to enter into their soul, and he uses them to do his evil deeds. It’s not an easy battle, but is a worth it to fight back. FOR WHILE THE DIFFICULT TAKES TIME, THE IMPOSSIBLE JUST TAKE A LITTLE LONGER.


simi11, they sure look good, I will look for them, Mirjam, I sure missed yours, thay look awesome!!

audio books? hmm good thing, while crocheting


supposed to get my books I ordered ,today, can’t wait to get started!!

.awwwww they didn’t come today, oh well!!


I’m about to complete children’s literature “The girl who drank the moon”. :smiley: i wanted to read something light and funny but i ended up with a very winding story.





I was an avid reader. Totally obsessed in reading self help books, psychology material, and real life stories books. When the pandemic started, I noticed I could not stay focused while reading. I felt that I ‘‘forgot’’ how to read or something. My brain no longer had my gifted precious memory retention I had in the past. Little by little is coming back, and I renewed my READER DIGEST subscription. I hope it goes back to normal bc I miss reading books, and especially learning a new language. I finally also started to pray in Hebrew the OUR FATHER, and practice learning Hebrew in the process.



That is so true!
Reading material influence a lot on what ‘‘we think’’

That is the main reason we must read what WE REALLY LIKE.

It’s good when people recommend books to us so we explore other things in life, and we take it from there. We decide if we like it or not dump it or treasure it.




I got one of my books today, oh boy going to be reading this today!! “Art Forger”


ok heres something for us writers or frustrated writers…

me… walking like a penguin


If any of you lack
wisdom, let him ask
of God, that giveth
to all men liberally,
and upbraideth not;
and it shall be given
him. - James 1:5 KJV