What are your FAVORITE foods?


I am so hungry right now! and I am BROKE! I want an Unagi Bowl!

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eel!

So what foods would make you want to rob a kid’s piggy bank?

Things that you want to buy after watching a drama!


Right now I would give anything for a real breakfast burrito from NM. With red and green Chile like you see here. I love eggs, home fries, and chorizo in my burritos. I used to order one called the Santa Fe!
I would drive three days to eat that right now.


I’d sell my soul for some good pasteles and Borinquen rice! I’d make them myself but I can’t get the ingredients in Idaho. :disappointed_relieved: Oh…T/N Borinquen is the Taino name for Puerto Rico.


Rakuten has a website, and app that allows ordering from anywhere based! :smiley:!
I say @my_happy_place, and fans, help me out here with this idea. Let’s step up the services on the Segue Cafe, by creating a Viki portal for fans by fans on Viki Rakuten. The aim is for us fans to actually order instead of drool. The rewards :money_mouth_face: system on Rakuten, can be the fans by fans gift :gift: to our volunteers! This is now a wiki for us to add our ideas, and make this portal useable! :blush:
Reminder: Our ideas must remain within the guidlines of discussions.

Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?
Things that you want to buy after watching a drama!
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What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?
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I’m getting my favorite thing - Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with Broccoli and Yum Yum Sauce today from
my favorite place - I order this like at least weekly!


They are our Ancestors too, in Jamaica, and other Caribbean countries. Also in some Central American, and South American countries :wink:


Shrimp dumplings :yum:


I must be hungry because this dialog is running rampant in the back of my mind, “Food? Really? You can order food to go on Rakuten? You can’t even do that on Amazon!” :scream: :rofl: :rofl: :grinning: :sunglasses:


Yes you can, check the link (*❛‿❛)→ Rakuten has a website, and app that allows ordering from anywhere based! :smiley:! :wink::+1:t5:


We moved to a new city last year, and we have yet to find a decent teriyaki place. :disappointed_relieved: We had several to choose from in our last town. It’s really disappointing because teriyaki is a frequent choice in my family.


Hmmm You know… I’ve always liked so many Japanese foods but I was never that fond of teriyaki sauce. It’s ok, but for me, Teriyaki is ‘meh’. It’s kind of an American food preference, I think. Kinda like chop suey… lol Did you know when President Nixon went to China and had a state dinner, he ordered Chop Suey. The chefs were like, “Why does he want this and that leftovers?” :rofl: Chop Suey was created in San Francisco when some hungry miner went to a restaurant and demanded food when the place was closing so the owner scared up whatever was on hand and fed that to him. The miner loved it and a new Chinese-American dish was created. lol Odds and ends.

The Japanese foods that I really love are some of the seafood soup bowls that I will NEVER get to eat in Idaho! I have to go home to San Francisco and eat my way through the Trade Center on Geary. Our gramma always took us there when we were kids :smiley: I am spoiled for real cuisine. :sunglasses:


They have taiyaki too. Now I want taiyaki… I have the pan but no red beans… Oh well…

I am sad now… Great food is 900 miles away and this stupid flu bug makes everything so difficult. :pensive:


I will eat anything with good YUM YUM sauce on it!! I am not a fan of sushi that much I will eat some sushi but usually the more cooked variety. I have had a thunder roll that was SO GOOD.

I so want these fishy things I see in the dramas on the food stands


YUM! Love sushi and sashimi!

Sushi just means ‘with rice’. A lot of it is cooked, like shrimp, eel, egg, etc. and some futomaki’s (fat rolls) are veggies rolled up with rice and seaweed nori wrapper.

Sashimi is sliced raw fish usually served with long shreds of radish.

:sushi: Nigiri is a slice of seafood over a vinegared rice ball with a tidy seaweed wrapper holding it together along with a dash of wasabi and some pickled ginger (LOVE that stuff!) on the side.

You can order that taikyaki pan on amazon. You can use any light batter and whatever stuffing you like. I even made some with cranberry orange muffin mix once.


I get these at the local Korean Market :yum:
Korean Persimmon Honey Cookie


WOW…That is a very time-consuming dish… :sunglasses: There are no Korean markets in this part of Idaho. I’d have to go to either Boise or Salt Lake and they are 3 hours away. And I don’t even know if they have a moon cake bakery. I guess I’ll have to brave the horrid traffic and drive to L.A. someday. :grin:

If I could afford it, I’d move back home. (Like that will never happen when dives are $3000 a month.)


My favorite!!


Just order online!





But, but, but! you don’t understand! I live on the south side of town, in a city but where I live in my zip code is at the north side of a huge rural area. Those online apps think I live in the bundok and won’t even let me start an order. :no_mouth: (Oh bundok means mountains - or out in the middle of nowhere.)



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