What do you do to get rid of stress?

Stress typically describes a negative condition that can affect a person’s mental and physical well-being. What you can do to get rid of it completely? Recently, i faced a terrible kind of stress so i want to know how we can avoid and do remedial measurements to fight it. Believe me or not in present day, people are really facing extreme kind of stresses.

Different Studies showed that psychological stress may directly contribute to the disproportionately high rates of heart disease and mortality.
So, What you say about it

What do you do to get rid of stress?


Yes, with today’s life style and the computer age and peer pressure or competition at work, stress or burnout is bound to happen which leads to sickness. If you recognize the start then the following can help to relax:

  1. Getting outside, go for a walk, do gardening
  2. Breathing exercise / mediate
  3. Have a herbal hot tea and look at nature
  4. Go to the gym
  5. Yoga is an absolute
  6. Listen to your favorite songs and dance, I do in the kitchen
  7. Meet friends for lunch or dinner.
  8. Call someone who will support and acknowledge you.
  9. Leave the scene that cause you stress
  10. Count to 5 and let it go.

I think if you eat healthy you have a better protection layer, also certain herbal preparation can make you feel relaxed, I love Holy Basil tea to start my morning. - Im curious what others will add :blush:
Have a happy relaxed day!

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It depends on the situation.

For the usual day-to-day stress, I go for a walk or I watch something silly or suspensful.

If it’s a prolonged stressful period, I do activities that block the outside world for a while, like reading or drawing.

If it’s acute, but doesn’t need my attention, like a bad day at work or a fight, I do mind-numbing things like playing computer games.

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thanks for these useful tips simi11 and christina_: :innocent:

Most of us have varying interpretations of what stress is about and what matters. Some of us focus on what happens to us, such as breaking a bone or getting a promotion, while others think more about the event itself. What really matters are our thoughts about the situations in which we find ourselves.

We are continually sizing up situations that confront us in life. We assess each situation, deciding whether something is a threat, how we can deal with it and what resources we can use. If we conclude that the required resources needed to effectively deal with a situation are beyond what we have available, we say that that situation is stressful and we react with a classical stress response. On the other hand, if we decide our available resources and skills are more than enough to deal with a situation, it is not seen as stressful to us.

See this interesting and informative video about "how to get rid of stress". i hope this may help out some people in real need. the link is [ https://youtu.be/Kt4XcLMRzIQ] (https://youtu.be/Kt4XcLMRzIQ)

Is someone would like to add more interesting and positive thing about this topic which may help someone:rose:

I recently started coloring to help me control my academic stress and it’s working pretty well. I used to draw or paint, but found that it wasn’t as effective because I’m too harsh and critical of my own skill sometimes. Color works better because I find that it’s really hard to make it look bad. The drawings are already so beautiful.

Personally, I prefer the more detailed and intricate drawings. I’ve never finished one in one sitting, but I usually pic one part of the picture and focus on it.


well being that I am right at 70 here is what i do
1 yes take a walk
2 watch these shows here ,hulu, netflix,dramafever
3 sew
5 do some form of exercise, read, a good novel or the Bible
6 meditation, play some music
7 write
8 breathe!!
9 play some games
10 pull some weeds!! if you got a garden thats the best stress reliever ever…
11 draw or paint or both find one of those cheap coloring books and color to your hearts content

its very good feeling you share with us and i really appreciate it.:innocent:

Crochet is only relaxing if you’re good at it :joy: For beginners like me, it can get rather frustrating

Relax and happy.:innocent:

To get rid of stress, I rest/relax, sleep, since i’m a student, i stay away from school work for a bit, and I mostly listen to music that i like and relax at the same time. so, yeah… :slight_smile:

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yes student life is great in its own. we realize it later how important that span was. So enjoy it to its full potential. best luck for your studies…:smile:

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here is something form the older person, a long time ago someone told me this, crochet is full of “worry knots”, no mstter iof you are a beginner, crochet does release that stress, anfd if you do get frustrated,put it down and go for a walk.

worry knots= you put your worries in those “knots”

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good one

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Basically Viki. I sub whenever I’m upset and can’t concentrate of my homework. Or I watch youtube :smiley: