What do you like/dislike while subbing, editing, segging, moderating, managing? ❤💔

@xomachi – Yes! I tell people you can get into a zen state segmenting.


:star: Subbing - I Like because…

  • I like to translate, why increase my vocabulary and learn more each day, and I know a lot of nice people. That’s what I always say, but you know what? The truth is, I love writing, I love spending this feeling for many people. We contribute anonymously and we volunteered because we love translate, and we want to pass it on to others. Not to mention that we help others to watch dramas. :heart: :blush:

    :star: I don’t like because…

  • Things I don’t like are people who do not respect our work. Nasty comments, irrational criticism and stuff. And even those volunteers in Viki who don’t care to help others, just want to benefit. I told here on the discussion about my bad experience here on Viki. But these things are so small that it’s not even worth to remember. We have to get love, positivity and joy! :smile_cat:

:crescent_moon: Segging - I like because…

  • Segment is as good as translate. It’s relaxing and peaceful. I’m going to graduate in the Ninja Academy. Well, I hope. (smile)
    Anyway, segging is awesome! :v:

    :sunny: Moderating/Managing - I like because…

  • Moderating/Managing is a very big responsibility. You have to be careful, always active, always ready to help. Because the only way you will make the experience of volunteers is significant. I’ve never been very confident leading something, but I think a leader should not be arrogant or stingy. So too is the moderation of some drama. I try to see the needs of the team, organize sheets, keeping everyone informed, go after volunteers update the worksheet, answer comments. I like to do that, to be in tune with all it’s a great way to make it fun and not simply boring.

    :sunny: I don’t like because

Actually, it’s pretty hard to be mad at something. Because I always try to see both sides of the situation. But there are cases that make you upset. You see everything. People cursing in comments, slow and disinterested teams, sometimes there are problems in the translation of the drama, etc.
I’ve worked with translators, some better than others. I’ve been in fast teams time to translate. Especially a team, was moderated by (Spanish), in a drama. That team with few people managed to finish in less than two weeks a drama that took more than a year to be translated. So I asked the Viki to be moderator. comments that people wanted it to be translated into Spanish, I thought ‘’ This drama is so nice, I want these people to see may watch in your language, ‘’ it took a while before Viki add me as moderator. But I did it. Of all the teams I’ve worked, I can say that this is was the best.
In the end, even having something that I don’t like. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad experience. I had good experiences working with good teams. :smile:

Anyway, it’s all your positive and negative side. The question is: Which will you choose? I’m happy to translate. I’m glad to be a part of this amazing community and happier for having known people of excellence. We’re going to turn all those ‘don’t like’ in something ‘like’.


FYI…checking slows us down :frowning: I’m approaching 10,000 just got 6,000 under my belt but can’t stop!!!

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You are speedy gonzalez so fast and an over achiever you manage to multi task for I see strong woman is not even over and you got sister lie? But then you are young so when we are young we can do so many things in one shot.

I remember those days…:sob:

By the way, I think the fact that I don’t know the language makes me insecure so that’s the reason why I check and recheck lol.

If I knew the language I would definitely feel more confident. THANKS a million for the tip. I need to keep that in mind when segging speed is important (but only for on air dramas, right?).

Checking incessantly and great timing matter throughout. Great timing is ESSENTIAL!! for graduation! I mean even after I graduated I’m not sure it’s right so I keep making invisible segs and then replaying them.

The secret is the previous seg should end in silence. The new seg when you pause the green over the start should also be completely silent. Those two are good ==> you are on time! If there is any hint of voice in previous seg you are late.

Sister is Alive I asked it I could co-CM and then it got gifted… it’s starting 4 days…omg…

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I have a natural curiosity and I like to observe and learn things.
There are so many things to like about East Asian culture, that intrigue me and I find valuable and worth considering.
However there are many that baffle me and others that I really feel very bad about.
To name a most important one, the position of women in the home, in society and their discrimination in the workplace; the way they ostracize divorcees, single mothers, those who have children from previous marriage (it seems it’s OK to abandon them when remarrying?).
And also… The absolute power of elders, the bullying of hoobaes by sunbaes, the child abuse, the gay bashing, the excessive drinking…

I’m aware that much of this is changing with the new generation, and I understand that what we see in dramas is not by any means a faithful representation of real life, because they have to make things more “dramatic”.
But still, the fact that we see it even when it is not the drama’s main theme, just as a side thing nobody pays attention to, taken for granted, not even worthy of discussion, and expected/accepted even by the victims, means that the majority of drama viewers think it as more or less normal.
I am guessing that, as in all societies, the ones who dislike change will be mostly the middle-aged and elderly, and possibly the provincial societies more than big city dwellers,


I have noticed it is a bit more flexible in the younger generation (under 40). I feel like these bad parts are overemphasized for example to make the kdrama obstacle even greater.

For perspective the Korean government parties are like conservative, even more conservative, and very conservative. Even their progressive parties are still leaning more to the right. So the societal norms as you say are a bit more patriarchial. I kindof just stick to the context of the scene when I subtitle and don’t think much of it.

For the most part…The Kdrama mommies are… fortunately or unfortunately very real. However as you know women come in many flavors.

I find kdrama still very repetitive so the ones I do watch like only DBS right now, to be a bit different than the norm. @ajumma2 as a W lover, I think you’d love this and can have so much fun watching with your whole family.

For this or that reason I tend to only watch kdramas that are a bit different or the mysteries/thrillers. In general I tend to watch Cdramas if left to my own volition (which is what let to me being on viki in the first place!! Need subtitles)


Is that the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon or something? I’ll have to check it out when I have some time! Thanks for the reco!


Yes it’s really really good and so so so so funny! I’m a bit backed up on edition. I finished 10 :slight_smile: I think latest is 14 or 13.

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You need to put the audio on max (as loud as possible not to hurt your ears). I think this is also suggested in the segmenting guidelines you can find on the NSSA weebly website. (But I put it on 8-24 as to not to disturb other people in the house)

I found Strong Woman Do Bong Soon very different than most dramas. It was like a live-action comic book and very funny, but not in a cheesy way. I think you’ll also like Greatest Love. However the humor is cheesier and more scat-egorical.

I think once you have your timing down, the other part is quick judgement. Should this be combined or split? Where? That kind of thinking is also valued in a segmenter. Don’t worry too much. The senseis are very responsive and patient. For example I kept unncessarily putting off my graduation work. Best of luck!

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I think it is most convenient to use headphones, because they also filter out external sounds and let you focus on this only. I actually have no choice other than headphones, because I work on a laptop and the sound is not loud enough even when it is at maximum.


:heart: Things I Like

  • Getting to know better English.
  • Getting to know how Korean works from a point of view of a vector of information
  • watching all the subtitles and OST fit together perfectly with perfect context to deliver a “native viewer” experience
  • meeting new acquaintances
  • too many shows
  • finding the perfect word.
  • secretly being able to seg all the stuff no one can hear :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry non-English. It brings joy to my heart knowing I got it and no one else, no other site did)
  • the TEAM! It’s always fun to have multiple ID’s in at once. I’ve also raced to finish before too!
  • finding a great subtitler!
  • when people follow the ground rules
  • helping non-English moderators also find great translations in their own language. Learning about the language.
  • being told I did a good job.
  • fixing split combines hehehehe
  • love hate relationship with researching. It’s great to learn new things, but… if you do it too often it gets tiring.
  • Locking the English subtitles at 100%

:broken_heart: Things I don’t Like

  • Viki is a time suck. You go oh…I will finish this one part…
  • Pressure by OLs (you feel bad because you feel like you’re slowing the team down)
  • too many shows
  • OST translations. Without the scene it’s hard to nail down in a good way.
  • not enough hands on deck ever…(ideally we finish the show so that team progress and demand are equal (rare))
  • technical bugs.
  • lack of timely viki support
  • when people are too possessive of their work it is frustrating
  • unresponsive people
  • when a segment is not translated completely (Why do you do this!!!)
  • being viki costumer service (I just don’t go into comments section anymore unless I am flagging)
  • discouraging comments in the comments section
  • the amt of time it takes to moderate the TC.

I hope pass the last video for graduate and work more relax

What does gifted means? you didn’t get it? How they gift a channel?

PS. I mean you didn’t get the channel?

One of the really really great English moderators thought that we two would make better CMs. Since there is only room for two in the viki system she allowed me to become co-CM.



  • I don’t like to subtitle when the episode has not been edited. You end up trying to guess the meaning. It gives me headaches. :tired_face:

  • I don’t like to subtitle when the segmentation was wrongly done. Seeing three or four segments for one sentence said by one character is irritating.:angry:

  • I don’t like ghost moderators. No one can answer to your questions and if you want to take some decisions, the others don’t listen because you don’t have the title “Moderator”.


  • I like to be in a team and meet people from all around the world.:slight_smile:

  • I like the feeling when you finish a project.:relieved:

  • I like to improve my French and my English.

  • I like to discover foreign proverbs/idioms.

  • I like to subtitle love declaration scenes, comic scenes or secret revelation scenes.


mas4 in cases 1 and 2 how about trying to contact the translation editor if there is one on the show? and for segments chief segger?

In one of my shows I’m also qc checking segments too. @.@

There is no chief segger for the drama with the bad segmentation.
As for the editing, since the drama is entirely subtitled , I think the editors left the project. That happens a lot, even with French editors.

Then you hire one XD I think Irmar and a couple of ID’s asked me to look at specific subs for their subtitling.


It’s a Chinese drama: Scarlet Heart 2.
I assume that you don’t speak Chinese?