What do you think about the new channel page?

Does anyone else got a new layout for the channel page?

Do you like it or not?

I think it is nice that all team members (channel manager, moderators, segmenters and subtitlers) are listed now.

I also like that you see more actors with a quick look now with names and pictures so it is easier to realize if one of your favourite actors has a role.


Lucky you!!
The newsletter I got said only 5% Viki users will get the new Channel Page in the start.
I guess, I am among the rest 95%
But I am still excited to know how it looks.


I got it too! Guess I still need to get used to it a little, but it does seem to be an improvement.
And we can now even see all the subtitlers, even the ones with only 1 subtitle.

@kaorikazehaya This is what it looks like:







Oooohhhhh My Goooodddd!!!
This looks so cool and eye catching. I can spend an entire day just browsing different channel Pages and still won’t get tired.
I definitely want this too!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Was the newsletter sent during past days or is it older? I somehow didn’t get a newsletter recently.

I also couldn’t check what happens when you are within subtitle editor and then wants to go back to VIKI drama page (it is not working as it was in the past what is super annoying but when I used the subtitle editor I got the old layout again so now I don’t know if there is any change related to this aspect too or not).

And when I clicked on the join the community button of the new layout the community ranking page was opened but then it was not possible to go back to VIKI main page by clicking on VIKI logo so I either had to use a new tab or using the ‘go to previous’ page arrow option. I think the community page should be linked to VIKI main page by clicking on it’s logo (not now I can’t give feedback to VIKI because the feedback button is gone too :sweat_smile:)

If you click on the give feedback button on the show pages, you can fill in a survey.

I already didn’t have the option of clicking directly on the Viki logo when on the contribution page, even before this new version. So I first click on Discussions and from there on the Viki logo. Works very well if you plan to do hard work subbing and then end up on the discussion forum, hahaha. :rofl:

The subtitle editor (and everything else) is still the same. Only the show pages changed.

Is there a section for trailers or clips?
I can’t see those sections anymore :frowning::worried:

I also got it today by suprise and I like it BUT the coverpage is somehow a problem for me as a designer because…

  1. If I make a new one like today the preview is not even there let alone a first look how it really looks on the page itself but NOPE I can’t see nor edit it if I don’t know how it really looks…please fix this because this is now slower than before.

  2. It’s somehow “hidden”? In the first page you only see the plot and trailers but nobody like really nobody looks at teaser’s if then only trailer for the first look that’ all. So I wished they could put the coverpage on the front page again because the first look is not so good for a viewer… imo

  • But on the good side they did present the team now finally - after so many years! At first the viewer never saw the team behind the translation’s if they don’t know where to click so it’s an improvment on that side.

  • Now the heart function is possible! It was really frustrating that only 3 teams (with the most hearts) are always the same because the viewer/subbers couldn’t even give hearts for their own team since many month’s.

I guess that’s all for now because I only could use it for one day :v:


If you mean this, it’s on the “About” page:



I am not within the 5% but what I like - the position of reviews.


I am only using my phone to surf Viki for the time being. I guess it’s on the about section for laptops users but I still can’t see it on my phone. Weird. I will continue looking for it. :thinking:



It’s on my laptop and I’m loving the new layout, but it’s not on my mobile phone yet (still the old layout).


:rofl: Yeah that’s why the old version is better because discussions might be distracting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t see the new layout anymore so I can’t give feedback it is somehow ‘gone’ :sweat_smile:

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You’re back to the old mode? :open_mouth:

They give you a choice to go to the old layout but I love everything about the new layout, and gave great Feedback. Hope it stays that way and it doesn’t get messed up. Look what happened with light/Dark mode that everyone is unhappy and no changes are happening so far/ The mail inbox goes from bad to worse. I no longer get even 1 message.


I know, but @sonmachinima said it was

so I thought it happened automatically.

And yes, this is an improvement.
About the mailbox, last week or so I also had the idea I might have missed something.

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Yes because it was late I was tired there was a popup window or two and I clicked on it and because of all black didn’t really read it and now I can’t go ‘back’.

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Ah, that’s too bad. :frowning:

I don’t know if anybody saw this but there is a little change even in the Android App. I guess it’s sort of some glitch but is a beautiful one.
Whenever I close my connection and go to a new drama page, the layout suddenly changes.
I haven’t visited the app this week but I’ll see if there is something still or not.

It’s there.
The first one is with a connection and the next two are without internet.

Screenshot_2020-07-24-12-30-45-387 Screenshot_2020-07-24-12-30-52-644

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Because I like this version I didn’t click back so I am using the the new design since yesterday. I noticed that if I want to be Channel Manager now everyone has to fill a doc if it’s possible AND if the licence is in your country but if you dont have the licence you cant even fill the form which was possible in the start.
I don’t know what to think about this :thinking: