What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?


Ackee Icecream :ice_cream: :icecream::icecream:your chops, or a spoon :spoon: required.


That looks pretty tasty actually. :yum:


Not in milkshakes, but I used to dip them in soft serve vanilla ice cream. The fries needed to be piping hot and fresh though (haven’t tried it with Dutch or Belgian fries) :slight_smile: :smile: . I liked the contrast between sweet and salty and hot and cold.

I usually eat fries with my hands too, unless it comes in a ‘puntzak’ (cone), then the little wooden fork comes in handy :laughing:, especially if it’s ‘patatje oorlog’ (literally means: little fry war. Served with a Indonesian inspired peanut sauce, mayonaise and optional chopped onions).


My favorite is Maple syrup with walnuts ice cream, I could die for!!!
The only flavor perhaps for my taste:

  • wasabi :sweat_smile:
  • beer and nuts
    no bugs for me…


Yes same! The milkshake itself is really Soft Serve! Vanilla and the fries have to be HOT HOT and good and salty!


I also found these flavors.

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

I watched one of my kpop guys eating the Chocolate Forest ice cream on a VLIVE!


This looks like white, and dark meat, but it’s edible :smiley:!
Golden Fungus
Unique to Yunnan
Nutritious Delicacy

What are we eating it with? :yum::chopsticks:chopsticks!! :chopsticks:


Finger Food! :yum:


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Sell my clothes, I’m going to ice cream heaven!



:yum: eating this with a spoon! And pretty please :yum: add some very frozen ice cream on top!


This is SUCH a classic summer treat in the part of the U.S. where I grew up!


My #1 favorite dessert! Crème Brulee

Spoon and yummy fruit also


As kids, when we would drink our soup directly for the bowl or slurp noodles and my mom would get mad at us. We tried to tell her Japanese style but she would not allow it. :laughing: (She wanted us to learn American eating manners. :rofl: Yea. I still drink miso right out of the bowl and slurping worms are so much fun! (noodles/spaghetti)


That’s fish and chips! Malt vinegar on chips is very tasty!


Aw. now I’m hungry! Ooo! I love me a good gumbo! I can make some… I have shrimp… oh…rats! No okra right now. :anguished:

Me too and the only bbq place up in Idaho Falls that had it went out of business. :anguished: Oh ! and GOOD GREENS! YUM! I use a fork for the fried okra and the greens.


Miso soup . . . warming and comforting. If you ever get to Rochester, NY, THE BEST “Asianese” restaurant in my book is a Japanese restaurant run, interestingly enough, by a Chinese guy.

No lie. Astounding. Everything clean and fresh. Flavors light and delicate. Bento boxes, tempura, sushi, sashimi, even his version of gimbap. He doesn’t make his own udon, but he makes almost everything else, including a ginger ice cream with crisp bits of ginger that is his own secret recipe. He has been cooking authentic Chinese, Korean, and Japanese dishes in various locations for forty years or more, and about 15 years ago, opened his own restaurant.

I was introduced to his cooking by friends when I moved to Rochester back in the 1980s. Sadly, the wife passed away of cancer in 2020, and since she was the one who gathered everyone together for trips to the restaurant, I don’t think I will be eating that level of amazing food again in this life.

Our most famous restaurant chain, Wegmans, offers very good sushi in what they call their Asian Market section, but it’s not the same.


Of course not! That sushi has been there a while. It’s ok, it’s edible. And a lot of it is Americanized with cream cheese and avocado, etc.

I am 900 miles from SF on the left coast so a short hop to a restaurant in Rochester being ~ 2000 miles is a bit far for me. Even though I’m always game for a good restaurant. :laughing: If I ever go that far east, I would look that restaurant up. But you could still go there with just yourself or a friend. You don’t have to quit going there just because you lost one dining friend.

But Really. I am spoiled for excellent Japanese food. The restaurants in the Japanese Trade center in San Francisco’s Post street neighborhood feed embassy officials so they are top-notch. (YIKES! And EXPENSIVE!)

Oh! There was one hole-in-the-wall restaurant stuck in the far back corner that had the BEST seafood stew! OMG! To DIE FOR! I ate there every day last time I was in SF. That and uji mochi freeze! That is so darned addictive! Green macha with mochi slushie. Ah… I just MISS that so much! addiction is a terrible thing to suffer. :rofl:


I have no one to dine out with. All my friends have spouses or children to go out to eat with. My own family, two sisters and a niece, live 500 miles away and gradually stopped interacting with me after our parents died.

Literally nobody else I know who is American wants to eat sushi. You’ve heard all the stupid reasons why.

I am not going to eat by myself in public in that type of place ever.

If nobody wants to go out to eat with me–and plenty of people know how much I like sushi–I am not going to ask.

It’s a waste of time and effort. I have better things to do with my life.