What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?


Share with us your cultural eats, and be sure to tell us how to eat it :yum: yum! If you know the proper way to eat it, share that too, you know, verses your method of choice :rofl: I’m sure you’ll have loads of side story to tell, yes! I can’t wait to hear your at home, or touristy experiences.
Mines :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
It’s always a challenge for me, to find the best way to tackle a regular sized muffin.

So I opt to eat it with a spoon :spoon: :joy:, of course, a warmed muffin, and/or warmed spoon is best. Sadly, a spoon is not always available, and I always end up with crumbs everywhere, hence leaving me to eat this small version of a cake, mostly at home. :rofl:

Do you cook?

Grits! Not everyone likes them! We eat them for breakfast and dinner. With a runny egg! And bacon - I also like shrimp and stone ground grits. Eat grits with a spoon after I put my egg in there with salt and pepper. My grandmother called it a “short supper.”



I’ve read about this somewhere, and it turns out, people like to get creative with their grits. I’m looking forward to this creativity. I’m sure the stalwarts will defend the kosher way is the only way. :wink: Looking forward to that too! :joy:



Fork or spoon depending on consistency of the grits.
Only thing I put on my grits is butter.
Another favorite of mine is fried corn meal mush, served with butter and pure maple syrup.


You are my friend!!! Thank you! Butter NOTHING WEIRD!

I make something called gourmet cornbread that we eat the next day with honey yum


Muffins for me are finger food.





Grits were also my Grandma’s favorite. But we had what she called pork side meat with our grits and fried eggs…sorta like fat bacon, lol. Is it a Southern thing? My grandma was from Kentucky, married and moved to Oklahoma in the 1920’s.


That looks so delicious :yum:yum!
I bet it’s really good eaten warm too! :sparkles::wink:


Yea, but you’re gonna get crumbs everywhere :rofl: see, look at all those crumbs already on the fingers :rofl:


Yep and I love “salted” Country Ham! Maybe that is what you are talking about. Cured “Country Ham”

And also Southerners always wanna FEED YOU


Do ya’ll know what this is?
My favorite comfort food. I’ll even eat if fresh off the stalk.


fried okra but me NO LIKIE

only gets hidden in GUMBO


Haven’t you heard of licking your fingers? LOL :rofl:


:rofl: I have, muffins just don’t seem like finger licking foods to me, ijs. :rofl:

Funny, I’ll lick cotton candy, no problem there :yum::lollipop:


You eat Okra raw?


Gumbo is always a treat for me! Best with fresh shrimp. And lots of okra. :wink:


YEP and FRESH BLUE CRAB over rice - with a spoon


That looks sooo goooood!:yum:
This thread’s gonna leave everyone hungry, unless :point_up:t5: they just ate. :joy: