What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?

Of course not! That sushi has been there a while. It’s ok, it’s edible. And a lot of it is Americanized with cream cheese and avocado, etc.

I am 900 miles from SF on the left coast so a short hop to a restaurant in Rochester being ~ 2000 miles is a bit far for me. Even though I’m always game for a good restaurant. :laughing: If I ever go that far east, I would look that restaurant up. But you could still go there with just yourself or a friend. You don’t have to quit going there just because you lost one dining friend.

But Really. I am spoiled for excellent Japanese food. The restaurants in the Japanese Trade center in San Francisco’s Post street neighborhood feed embassy officials so they are top-notch. (YIKES! And EXPENSIVE!)

Oh! There was one hole-in-the-wall restaurant stuck in the far back corner that had the BEST seafood stew! OMG! To DIE FOR! I ate there every day last time I was in SF. That and uji mochi freeze! That is so darned addictive! Green macha with mochi slushie. Ah… I just MISS that so much! addiction is a terrible thing to suffer. :rofl:


I have no one to dine out with. All my friends have spouses or children to go out to eat with. My own family, two sisters and a niece, live 500 miles away and gradually stopped interacting with me after our parents died.

Literally nobody else I know who is American wants to eat sushi. You’ve heard all the stupid reasons why.

I am not going to eat by myself in public in that type of place ever.

If nobody wants to go out to eat with me–and plenty of people know how much I like sushi–I am not going to ask.

It’s a waste of time and effort. I have better things to do with my life.

Dinner Mate Clips

Ha! You’ve probably miss that k-drama magical, 🪄 :camera_flash: meeting someone special, moment, just because you refuse to dine alone, in that type of place ever!

How else will you get a Dinner Mate! Check out the trailers at the bottom of this page :wink:


I eat plenty of places by myself and with friends. I am simply no longer going to allow myself to be in any “dining relationship” with men in which I get asked out because a man wants me to prop up his ego, not because he wants to get to know me as a real person.

I did plenty of fine dining with the guy who got married nine months after my pastor told him our relationship was toxic, and he walked out without acknowledging problems or apologizing to me for the grief he caused.

I’ve done blind dating on and off for more than thirty years.

I’ve done ads in the personals section of our local newspaper.

I’ve had tons of people as guests in my home for all kinds of meals.

I’ve hosted neighborhood holiday parties.

I’ve hosted a women’s book club with tea-party goodies after.

I’ve cooked with and for roommates, neighbors, family, friends, strangers.

I want to be asked to be involved in others’ lives because they know my value and want its influence in their lives. I don’t want to wait around to see if anyone will “get” that I might be interested in being included AGAIN at the last minute.

I refuse, as I get older, to be that person nobody thinks of as a dinner guest . . . until the person originally invited gets sick.

Dinner Mate

Everyone should experience inclusion for this very reason, and definitely not the other :slightly_smiling_face:

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I get take out. :slightly_smiling_face:


This looks delish! :yum: :chopsticks: Chopsticks! :chopsticks:


This is what my husband and I are in our first date. Match made in heaven–us, and ox bone soup.


These are finger food, but might need a fork, & spoon. :yum: Street Food

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Reservation for one please, and I’ll be here about . . . the rest of my life.


You got it! Click the link street food, in the post above :wink: to complete your reservation :joy: enjoy! :yum:! :smile:

So, obviously a spoon :spoon::bowl_with_spoon: :yum: for this healthy dish! Click the link to know more (◠‿・)—☆ (https://discussions.viki.com/t/snacks-and-kdramas/33711/23?u=leerla73)


Mmmm, that looks so tasty and refreshing.



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Year, 2018

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Video length is 12:57


My daily food goes as follows:-
Side dishes
Maybe KFC (lol)
Fried Fish
etc etc.
this is ideal but, during emergency:-
Vada Pav
Samosa (*for who doesn’t know)



And what do you use to eat them after they are prepared? :wink::slight_smile:

Spoons for rice and fork for noodles and just hands for vadapav and Samosa !

Typing this makes me feel hungry :yum: