What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?


Amen! Preach it.



Looks like red eye gravy topping grits and ham.


Amen Sister and what is the secret ingredient in the gravy?


Not sure about the secret ingredient, know it starts off with dripping from frying ham. I’ve never made it, but my hubby’s Grandma used to make it when he was little.



I make this with smoked pork chops but I haven’t made it in a long time! Maybe I should


I was shocked to see that a jar of Hormel Chipped beef costs $5 now!


Hence, ‘red eye’?


Korean favorite of mine is chapchae.


EWWWW I cannot do canned meat - well except SPAM there is an exception if its fried!


Is there any other way to get dried beef? It’s the only ‘packaged’ meat I’ve used.


Well yes I guess your right - you can make it yes - but it’s time consuming! You can brine one yourself but I have only brined turkey


I usually use my hands with most of my food :sweat_smile: But I recently tried eating idli-sambar and poha with chopsticks :joy::joy: Well… all I can say is, it was fun and my parents have confirmed my insanity!!


My Mama would flour spam and fry it and serve with fried eggs. Haven’t eaten it since I was a little girl.


I have not had it in years either! Hum - maybe I should get some! ha! They love it in Hawaii


They love it in Korea too, I think… that’s what army stew(buddae jjigae) contains!


Spam was introduced to Korea by the US army during the Korean War, and domestic production started in 1987.


Practice - Practice - Practice! :blush:


It took me a while - and maybe I’m not doing it perfect - but I can eat with chopsticks now! I never thought I would be able to - I use chopsticks A LOT


I ate a really delicious and spicey Gumbo when I stayed with mom in Savannah, GA, an indeed nice place and food!

I use chopsticks a lot, even for salads so I eat slower. Otherwise hands for muffins, but some muffins crumble so cutting them in half helps the crumble.

As for drumsticks or wings… The more galant way of eating this would be just using “only one hand” to hold a drumstick :rofl: Eating at a restaurant that might be another story, but I would probably not be ordering that…