What happened that almost every drama's subtitles seem out of sync?

Suddenly there are more and more complaints about out of sync subtitles. Any information/explanation for this phenomena?
I wonder what happened? And if Viki can fix it, or if poor segmenters need to adjust them.

I need to add another point - some lines/subs are missing? First I thought it’s only the timing is off but at times there are lines lost … Or am I wrong?

I will add this link here, since changes are starting


Looks almost the same like the link below, but the link below is not open for comments


I experienced the same problem just a few minutes ago when I tried watching a k-drama. :frowning: What is really happening and is this going to be solved? Thank you! I just got my Viki Pass a week ago and I just want to enjoy my favourite shows without any problems. This is something I’ve never experienced here before. Subs are really important.

You are not wrong about that, This has been going on for a long while now. I believe is a combination of bad segmentres and the team not having enough subbers to translate from original language to English.

I was just watching a drama the other day and it was obvious they were skipping lines the actors were saying (is a drama about judges, courts etc)

I have always complained about that and I click on the box where it says report video issues. Sometimes within days the problem is fixed but some dramas stay like that.forever.

The worst thing happening in dramas now is that they are adding lines the actor never says. My most annoying thing to see when let’s say the actor/actress say ‘‘Yeh’’ which is Yes and some subbers write All right or some other senseless translation.

PS.Touch Your Heart is the worst one.Clean with passion for now. Which drama you noticed this happening?

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Also on The History of a Salaryman from Ep5 onwards it would appear.

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UPDATE - Viki is working on it, the problem is not easy to detect so it might take some time, since it’s not only one channel it happened. I guess we need to stress our patience again.


I was watching That Winter the Wind Blows when I encountered the problem with the subs out of sync… Actually until yesterday everything was fine but then it happened.

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@lutra – thanks for posting. I am getting complaints on a daily basis for various dramas about out of syncs.
Secret Garden; Fates and Furies; Last Empress are a few of the dramas mentioned.
the issue is NOT bad segmenting. The segmenting was good on all of these dramas with the work originally done by experienced trained segmenters. It is a programming/ server problem.


Also on “Lovely Horribly” and “Your Honor”.


How or when will we know that the problem was solved? We should be notified, right? I wanna watch my shows and I can’t because of the subs… :((

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So it must be some bug at the site bc we all experienced that with way too many different dramas. But I insist, this has been going on for a while now.

I stopped watching several dramas bc I get annoyed when that happens.Oddly enough, I went to viki status and there’s nothing posted there about this annoying situation. I hope they fix that soon.


Yeah, me too…:disappointed_relieved:

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That’s why I posted it, because, I myself get nuts when I experience a bug and Viki does not address it.
I don’t know what happened, but the ball is definitely on Viki’s site. I hope they get it done soon too, but the worst case would be that the techies have weekend too.


I agree.

It’s also not an issue of ‘bad translation’ but of ‘timing’ (not due to bad segments). It has to be a programming or server issue. However, it’s probably partial? Affecting only Korean dramas? Can it even be partial? It seems that this issue does not affect Chinese dramas, or at least the small number that I’m working on aren’t affected.

@camiille @jimmy_l @giant_sean Please look into it. Thank you.

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They are probably all in the weekend. And I got my information from a Viki staffer, you can trust me on that, I would never give “fake news”.
I don’t know either what exactly happened. I only realized that some dramas that were without a license before now had one in my region. So I started with Good Doctor, one of the few hospital dramas I missed out at the time it ran. It was when I was on episode 5 suddenly the subs were too early. I wondered if they changed the videos, but thinking of all the other channels involved I ruled that option out. So this one is for the techies to solve. And it’s not the only issue at the moment.


No worries. I never thought that of you. Why would you think that? After all, it wasn’t just you but several others who experienced it. Even if it was just you, it’s a valid concern and a bug is still a bug that has to be resolved. I’m sure the ‘timing’ issue you raised is being looked at, among other bugs that are still unresolved.

And yes, I’m afraid we may have to wait till the next work day for a response.

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Hi everyone,

We’re aware of the issue and it was escalated to our engineering team. Thank you very much for your patience as they look into resolving this.

Viki Community Team

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Hi Camille,

I don’t know if the segment timer should be affected, too or might be linked.
The sound in the segment timer for segments that were already checked seems off:
We can hear the beginning of the next subtitle in advance (for a few words) and there’s a strange pause at the beginning of each segment that we replay.

Thanks to the engineering team and you!

Hi @piranna,

Could you and anyone else experiencing this please write in to the Help Center and let us know what show(s) and episode(s) you’re seeing this on?

Thank you,
Viki Community Team

Good Doctor from start to the end.
There should be enough dramas mentioned.