What happened to the DF forum?

OK, I know this is O/T and their competition. Yet, I subscribe to both because let’s face it neither one has access to everything. Anyone know what happened to that forum? Looks, like I will be back on the Viki forums since that one disappeared. :frowning:

good question, they replied to me, ,if you recall they had a problem with that spam some time ago, they are trying to “fix” the problem and hopefully they will have it up & running soon. At least that was written to me, I miss it too!

Thank you. I miss the good conversation on there.

thank for share with us

They got spammed and I really think it is because they didn’t keep up with the technology part of it. We all knew it had glitches but they just didn’t address it until it hit them in the face. I message them periodically and they keep saying they are working on a new forum but not any time soon which sort of ticks me off. I think they are hoping the idea will just fade away. I know people on the forum are not personal friends but we had a sort of fun camaraderie going on. I would message them on facebook to let them know you miss it.

Mary keep contacting them on facebook. maybe we can make a difference I miss all of you fun people on the forum. this is Susan52

I just got another message, they are still working on it. yeah I do miss the DF forum, gosh it really has been quite awhile too.

Hi susan52! so good to hear from you!! yeah I will try facebook.again.

mary just got a email today from DF jan 17 they are still working to resolve the issue and will be coming out with updates soon. they said they will message me soon

all righty now . you said the 17th? well today is the 19th. I will check it out! thanks!

I appreciate the update. I would have loved to have been able to to talk about Goblin on the forum. I hope they understand that was a huge reason for people being a DF member.

yes wouldn’t it have been great that we could have discussed about Goblin?! will be so glad when they get it up & running!

Here it is March and nothing from DF about the forum! I am seriously questioning if it will happen. I hope all the DF forum participants have found a good outlet. As much as I enjoy Viki, this is not their forte.

really wish they would get that forum going! I sure miss it!

Got to ask…why are people discussing the competitor’s forum on this site? Why not just contact DF if you are that concerned???

we did ,no response ,yet. and because some of us miss it

has anyone heard anything yet? about DF forums, sorry Joongkikinkie, thought some would know here

is anyone interested or is it just me?

here is an update if anyone is interested. and nothing resolved as of yet.

Bruja (DramaFever)
Apr 26, 5:27 PM EDT

Hello Marygrether1,

We are working to get this fixed. We hope to have updates very soon and will alert you when the issue has been resolved.

Sorry about that!

Hello and welcome!
The way this works is that you should go to the category that is most appropriate for what you want to post. In this case you need technical help. So you should go not to “General discussion” but to “Viki Feedback”.
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Good luck!

Than you very much Irmar!
I will try what you advise me to do even if I’m not very good in computer and in english (I’m french)… Lol.
I hope I will be able soon to watch again the dramas with subtitles…
Thank you so much for your help!

One last question, I hope it’s not a silly one… What does mean DF in DF forum?