What is the best F4(drama) version for you?

is it the Korean(Boys Over Flowers) or Japanese(Hana Yori Dango) or Taiwanese(Meteor Garden) or Chinese(Meteor Shower)?


I’ve only seen the Korean version, but I love it, it’s one of my favorite dramas! :smiley:

I agree :slight_smile: … it’s the best for me too since I’ve watched all the versions

Yeah :slight_smile: And Lee MinHo is such a great actor ^^

and handsome too <3 <3 haha

Although I liked all versions I saw I still prefer Hana Yori Dango since that’s the original one :slight_smile:


A lot of my friends adore Meteor Garden. I do suspect part of the reason is that the show came out when they were preteens and it just affected them like it can at that age. It was also probably one of their first drama fandoms and all that, y’know?

I still need to finish watching the TW version, and I haven’t (and don’t plan on) watching the Chinese version. So I won’t comment more on those.
But between the Korean and Japanese versions, I’m going to have to pick the Japanese one. I think a lot of it comes down to Inoue Mao and her (and the story’s) Makino character…because I couldn’t stand Jan Di.

oh I observed that too when I was 7 most of my relatives are a huge fan of Meteor Garden. It was aired in our country multiple times because of the high ratings they received.The season 2 of the TW version is not good as the first one.

the Korean version is absolutely the best even though i liked the Japanese version but the ending really destroy it all, for me the ending suit the anime or manga not drama
the Taiwanese version i couldn’t finish the first scene

k version is the best 4 me…other versions T version, C version and J version are all awesome too

yeah even though they don’t have season 2 :slight_smile:

The Korean Version is the BEST! :slight_smile: Boys over flowers was what got me into watching K-Dramas! & I loved it

i really liked Boys before flowers :smiley: but i liked manga and anime more :slight_smile:

Koean version (Boys over Flowers) for me. I mostly watch only Korean dramas since I can understand them without subtitles. But Hana Yori Dango was one of very few Japanese dramas I’ve seen in my life and I enjoyed it. I started watching Meteor Garden (TW version) and couldn’t finish it.

I think it really depends on which one you watch first as well. Like if you only watch the other versions after you watch the korean one, it is hard to appreciate them especially the tw one cause it is older too. For me I started with the tw one when it was the biggest hit around and i absolutely loved it! I watched it like countless times! Then a couple of years later only did the jap and korean one came out. It is hard for me to compare the jap and korean one to the tw one cause it just feels really different? But i would say the korean was the best while i absolutely loved inoue mao as the female lead.


I would say for me it would have to be Meteor Garden only for the simple fact that it is one of the very first drama’s I ever watched which got me hooked so it is special to me!! :smiley: But to be honestly I liked all them each cast brought a little something different with his or her portrayal of the characters. And as a rule if I like the story I will read the manga watch the anime and check out all available versions BUT that again I’m a total addict!! :DDDD

Korean and Japanese versions were the best. I couldn’t get through the other ones… @_@ I didn’t like them honestly lol.

Even though I love Jun Matsumoto who stars in the Japanese version (I fell in love with him when I saw Kimi wa peto) I have to agree that the Korean version was the best (though it could have had a better actress than the chick who played Jan Di… or at least someone could have taught her how to fake a passionate kiss scene : / )

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Hana Yori Dango!!! :smiley:


It’s hard to choose hehehehe~
But i think the Taiwanese and Korean are the best :slight_smile: