What is the best F4(drama) version for you?

yeah they are my top 2 also :slight_smile:

nice :slight_smile: uhmm do you have any idea where can I watch the part 2 of hana yori dango? thanks

woah I like this pic … I wasn’t able to watch the part 2 of the taiwanese version

wow you had watched it all the versions :slight_smile:

nice…welcome to the club of k-drama addicts haha

yeah BOF… I’ll try to watch the anime ver. next time :slight_smile:

oh are you Korean? …I envy you because you can watch k-dramas even w/o subtitles specially the new releases

yeah all of them have different twist which make them unique and awesome :slight_smile:

I totally agree with you that it depends on which one you watch first… inoue mao is my fave lead compare to other versions

Honestly, the Koreans are better at most adaptions (in my opinion). I started out watching Jdramas forever ago and then I found Viki and discovered Kdramas. Kdramas are like Hollywood whereas Jdramas are like Bollywood (in my opinion). The only Japanese drama that I have been able to watch without cringing since that fateful day is the recent adaption of Itazura na Kiss, aka “2013 Mischevious Kiss: Love in Tokyo” and I watched that on a different site.


I’m not sure where you can find season 2, sorry

I thought here, but I know for sure that you can watch it on gooddrama.net also.

Yes. :slight_smile: I had no idea that so many non-Koreans watched k-dramas until I discovered viki.

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are you talking about the part 2 of hana yori dango? …thanks AJ_Smilez! I’ve found it on gooddrama.net

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I agree with you eventhough they do a short versions and no season 2 like hana kimi and it started with a kiss :slight_smile:

yay!!! happy dance

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Well, I only saw Hana Yori Dango and Boys Over Flowers (and the begin of Meteor Garden), and I had to say that I prefeer Hana Yori Dango, Matsumoto Jun personifies Tsukasa too well!.. funny, childish, lovely and proud. And the others of the main cast to (I also read the manga…)

Actually that was my first drama (well dorama) After, I started with the dramas. Ohhh old days! :’)

It happend to me too. Because here, where I live, no one likes k-pop, dramas/doramas or mangas…
At least my brothers likes asiatic stuff too. But my friends no.
So Viki is my my oasis in the desert lol

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Ditto! Nobody here in my area is into it either and when I rant to my friends about the K-dramas, mangas, animes and music I listen to, I can tell that they’re either super disinterested or they’re just humoring me lol

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Wow I love the comparison!

soon there will be American Version too, have you heard about that?
But when I saw the casts, I was like, omg they look TOO OLD for F4 characters.
Oh well, let’s see when they start airing…