What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?


The first time I read it, I was in eighth grade, and I cried. It was so profound, so funny, and so sweet.


I reduced my gifs, does this make it better? Did I misunderstood your post?


Oh gosh, Daktari yes I watched this too and it was quite popular with the animals… @lutra did you watched this as well? So that’s means Bozoli must be also belong to the baby boomers club, or not?? :wink:


I watched Daktari, but not as much I was a really sensitive kid, I did not like to watch the series Flipper, Lassie, … It was hard for me to handle, when someone was kicking an animal or worse. I just couldn’t handle it. But I loved the movie “Treue”, I forgot the original title, about a horse and the long way home.


lol nope you’ve made it better !!!


An early millennial here :upside_down_face: But our (back then) Yugoslavian TV had all sorts of classic gems, such as M.A.S.H and Monty Python :blush: I feel really lucky that I grew up back when TV had true substance and there was a team of people who chose carefully what to buy and show on TV. As opposed to today where selection is based less on quality and more on the content amount, price and foreseen popularity.


Classified information found in a kimchi jar buried in the back yard of a charcuterie board maker indicates that Discobot has created Discobrat, a clone of itself that apparently has gone rogue and thinks it is a hard-hitting newspaper editor from the 1950s.

Sorry to learn Discobrat has deemed your quote ineligible for a Pulitzer Prize. Professional jealousy is such an ugly thing.


(from Paste Magazine)


Loved Daktari as a kid. It was one reason my sisters and I got homework done and got a bath and got ready for bed in a hurry. If we did all those things quickly, then we got to watch the program uninterrupted.


When the system attacks :joy: incognito! :male_detective:‍♂
Does it have a thing against cats perhaps??
When I see discobot so colorfully displayed among the fans :rofl::sob: I don’t know what to think :joy::sob::sob::rofl:

Screenshot_20210624-155116_(2) Screenshot_20210624-155116_(1)


It may be time for group counseling or an intervention or something . . .




So adorbs, the first twin waited so patiently, over 5 minutes!!! And still shared her gifts :blush::blush::blush: The second twin :joy: she was a riot :rofl: she made sure she demolished her banana :banana:
:face_with_hand_over_mouth: The baby boy, and the banana :banana: was priceless. I just knew he was gonna stay under the table :rofl:



My Viki username is one of my nicknames in real life, so it was rather a simple choice when I opened my account 9+ years ago.

Re: your choice, Piranna isn’t bad at all! Personally, I have always had a liking for funny usernames. They pick your interest, and you tend to remember them.

Below are some of my suggestions:
- PixieDust
- PigBenis (with a rapid play on words, it sounds like something else)
- PumpkinPi
- PippiShortstocking (Remember Pippi Longstocking?)
- PyjamasDramaMama
- OctoPi

Brain-fogged at the moment. If I think of anything else, I’ll add it.

Take care!



Have you seen this fun thread? So, what is the meaning of your username, and why did you choose it? :blush:

What was your first K-drama?

I am a “frustrated writer”, I also come from “Atlantis” so my thoughts aren’t a good thing, lose the train of thought and so on, so a frustrated writer I am