What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?


What’s the story behind the username that you chose on Viki?

(My little anecdote: it’s just hard to find a username not used and I like short username so the first one that came to my mind was “Pi” like the math symbol but it’s too short for the system and the only one I could come up with afterwards was Piranna because I thought that at least, no one would come out with Pirhana, the fish and I prefer to write it like Piranna xd)

Other nicknames:
Another close teammate on Viki calls me Pikachu xd


For my username I just used a part of my name. You know my name is Andromahi and for short people are calling me either mahi or mahoula (closer friends and family) so here you are.


Oh, so that’s the behind story ! At first, I thought about the fish but then I told myself maye there were more but no, lol, it was indeed the pirhana I was thinking about ! So now, the question is ; do you eat people too ? XD
What’s the story behind Pikachu ?

Well, my username is actually my real first name. Well, one of them. My other first name is Audrey and it’s the one people usually use because they tend to don’t know how to pronounce Moreenkê (well, in France). But family, close friends & people who like the name Moreenkê call me this.

(My little anecdote : I should have one too, right ? Lol. Moreenkê is a yorouba name meaning “Cherish / The one god gave me to cherish”)

Other nicknames :

  • Mo’ / Moreen
  • Unni
  • Chef (I’m oftenly working on several dramas at the same time and can be seen on the google doc of each so a viki friend calls me this way as if I was a Boss, lol)
  • Beauty (do I need to explain ? XD ! Well, one day a close teammate called me like this, like would say sweetie, and I replied calling her this way too and since them we just kept calling eahc other like this, lol)
  • Hokage des OST (I have a big addiction to OST and I love translating them and Hokage because of my profile pic)

Believe it or not, I chose this username because I wanted to be hidden and lay low. I figured “ajumma” is a really generic title. Since the username “ajumma” already existed, I just put 2 at the end to make it like I’m a ajumma, too. Back then, I thought most viewers were ajummas.

In real life, no one calls me ajumma, so I liked the anonymity of it. I had never imagined that I’d be so active and even make real friends through Viki!


I picked angelight in memory of my friend who passed away from cancer when she was barely a teenager. The only difference her name was in Spanish LUZ ANGEL /LIGHT ANGEL (notice in English is backwards).

She was exactly as humble and beautiful as her name and she became an angel of light in heaven.R.I.P.


@angelight313_168 or interesting and the same is beautiful “homenajear” your friend.

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Pero bueno viendo mis doramas al menos logró escapar un poco de todo esto.

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All I have to say is this: iced tea.



Hahaha ! Nice ! I would have never guessed.


My name was already used. I didn’t want it to be a long name, so at the end I took the name of my hometown but it’s the old version from the 9th century …


Wow, how did you thought about taking the old version name ? :astonished:

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Because it is shorter then the actual name now - Kaiserslautern
And it’s easier to memorize for others. The meaning vom Lutra/Luhtra, is clear water. There are some firms who embeded “lutra” in their name. And there is a renaissance fair each summer, where the old name is used as well. So it never fell into oblivion. There is even a culture magazine now with the name lutra …


I chose “jiangshi”, because I’m usually a living dead after work. XD


I chose my username because I love Lee Jong Hyun and my First name is Rachael, so Rae and Jin because I watched Orange Marmalade and Circle and like Yeo Jin Goo as Jung Jae Min and Woo Jin


I think this is a very interesting topic.
I’m living in Guadeloupe in French West Indies and in Creol Guadeloupe is named “Gwadloup” and “Gwada” is a short name of “Gwadloup” .
My first name is Armelle which means “princess of the bears”:yum: in Briton (I was born in Brittany in France).
Gwadaelle is a mixture of Gwada and Armelle.


I think mine is the most meaningless :joy: Basically, I like chocolate so that’s the first part. I never run cause I’m lazy so I thought I should use that word once in my life. That’s it.


My first cat was born in may and I was born in july. It’s that simple!

Some usernames here are very creative! :tada:


i just didnt pick my name, i think i got it cause of my emailadress.
and so it includes my nicknames.

Teufelchen cause of my natural haircolur when i was Born xD
netty is the cute form from anett


When I was a teenager, I loved horses and riding on a horseback, I had a kind of “shared horse” named Juwels, which is a malapropism of Jules. Jules was the main character of one of my favorite books from that time, so I came up with the name somejuwels long ago as the nickname for chats. And also for Viki. It’s not a spelling mistake for jewels, but intention. :grin:


My name is a kombination of two languages: dutch and japanese.

The first one, kokoro, means heart in japanese.
“No” is just a japanese particle and induces a belonging to the following word.

Spekkoek is an indonesian layer cake which is, due to its colonial history, widely known in the netherlands. I am german but live near to the dutch border so I like to travel there to buy food; one is always a piece of spekkoek.

So my name just means “heart of spekkoek”. I used a japanese word because I love the language a lot and I do learn it as well.