What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?


If you look at her profile, her actual user name is all in low case - signsofserendipity
What you are seeing below with the capital letters (SignsofSerendipity) is what she actually wrote in the “Full name” field in her profile.

For example, my username is ajumma2 in all low case. But I wrote "Viki Ajumma (ajumma2) as my “Full name” in my profile, since I wasn’t about to write my real name there.

Hey, I’ve known signsofserendipity for many years and we’ve worked together in a number of projects, and I JUST noticed that she joined Viki only a couple days after I did! :smiley:


I was poked into this topic by @leerla73. I’ve no idea how you did it! :grin: I’ve been a Facebook user since the early days when poking was actually used. But Viki Discussion poking is a whole new ball game for me :smirk:

Anyways, my user name was generated by the WWF web mail system (called some 20 years ago. It’s a compound of the first three letters in my surname and name. I remember it reminded me back then (in some weird and roundabout way) of a series I liked to watch as a kid, called Daktari.


I think the convention of lowercase user names is one sign that the discussion board app is open-source. It seems to be a “thing” that any app that is open-source has to have its non-WYSIWYG, computer language roots showing.

Now that I have gotten my username story out, it seems rather like I’m hanging onto the last tissue in the supply of tissues I stocked up on regularly during my Saga of Stupidity. So I did change it.


w(°o°)w W😳W! You changed it!?! Will you be okay, if the change does not take?


Thank you so much @bozoli our choice of a username, unbox so many nuggets associated with our emotions, and memories.

I sent you an invite! :slight_smile:
I find this thread, created by @piranna, quite interesting! :grinning:!


I was wondering where’s @piranna lately, since I haven’t seen her around for a while…Hope all is well with her.


She’s gone “private” on her profile, like you, maybe checking with the latest team she’s managing.


I believe it did.

But I just realized I have to change it back because that’s not the username I wrote down when applying to go through segmenting school. Grr.


But I wrote them, and they change the name in your application.
I had the same problem when I change my ID


It’s quite a hassle if you’re a volunteer and change your name, especially once you’re totally into it. But you CAN do it if you really want to…

For some reason, I find uppercase letters in a username annoying. Maybe I’ve been “conditioned” :stuck_out_tongue: I think it spoils the aesthetic.
my brother tried putting an uppercase letter in his email ID and Google actually allowed it, for some reason! I HATE it, thank goodness it’s not case sensitive.


Oh, so thaaaat’s what that button down there means…

How long have I used Discussions again? Seven years? Yeah… :sweat_smile:


Did you mean to spell ajhumma this way? It’s typically spelled either ahjumma or ajumma.


Jorge tiene un amigo que quiere ser un miembro de la escuela de los segmentos . . .



I’m lysdexic, I spell however. That spelling does make the word seem like the name of some kind of Korean hummus . . . no, wait, don’t tell me there is a version of that . . .

Well, what do you know . . .


Annnnd, you had to look it up! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Why the earthworm post :thinking: he wants to segment?:rofl:


I am sorry, but it just amazes me that, whatever food I can think of, it turns out there is a Korean version. I am beginning to think God created Koreans just to invent food.

For a long time, I have only half-jokingly told people that based on a lot of historical and linguistic factors, it’s possible that that Adam and Eve as mentioned in the Bible were actually whatever Chinese people were at the time the stories in the Bible were being written down.

And the stories of how civilizations got started, and the different groups of people who were descended from Adam, and the stories of how they moved from the garden of Eden to inhabit different parts of the world . . . I am sure there is a line in there that has been overlooked by Bible scholars.

“And lo, there went out from the land of Eden a group that settled in the East and opened a corner store, a street market shop, and a five-star restaurant serving hummus. Hummus and gimbap, hummus and scallion pancakes, hummus and budae jjigae . . .”

Don’t you think Wormy would make the “cut” if he applied to segmenting school?



DWL :rofl::rofl::laughing::rofl:




Oh, one of my absolute favorite books!


See I KNEW you would like that!!! :purple_heart: