What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?



I chose romantic lover because I love romantic dramas. Sexy? I have no clue. I think I was aiming for something that made it look like the person behind the username is sexy? I was imagining something like this:

Haha. That’s Park Shin Hye. lol :laughing:


I am also a fan of Park Shin Hye.

As for my username, I love to read fairy tales when I was a kid and I grow up loving everything that is fairytale.


I’ve binged most of her dramas, but I don’t even recognise her in that picture. Either she looks different with make-up, or my eyesight is bad.


she probably used a beauty app which is why she has pink cheeks and barbie-like lips.


Yeah, those apps are meant to make you look like a doll. Any imperfections, including pores, are removed.


I read an article Park Shin Hye, she had plastic surgery done. She didn’t denied that she did plastic surgery but she said it was for ‘‘health reasons *(her nose).’’ She did more than her nose bc she looks very different and much prettier.


I think most of them get plastic surgery done. Well, it paid off. She’s so popular now.


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It’s true! I don’t typically get involved in this type of discussion, but since it’s Park Shin Hye, I’ll make an exception. :blush: I really appreciated and prefer the unique natural cuteness of Park Shin Hye as seen in “Kimcheed Radish” (also known as “Kimcheed Radish Cubes” or “Just Love”). Yes, she is pretty post-surgery, but it’s a generic kind of prettiness. While attractive, her appearance has lost some of its Park Shin Hye-ness that was so endearing.


It’s very interesting to read this topic even though it’s older :smile:
My reason is quite simple. My English friends have always called
me Fey, but some of them would write it as Fey and others as Fay.
So Fey+Fay= Feyfay and I added my initials.
Simple :sunny:


Great topic, even though it’s old.

I can’t add a very interesting post though, cause my username is just my first name and the numbers were added by Viki.
I am however curious about others’ usernames, so I thought I’d revive the topic. :wink:


From which country is it? Does it have a meaning?


It’s originally a Hebrew name, but it’s a common name here in The Netherlands and also in some other countries. The meaning is not totally clear, but it could mean “rebellious” or “loved one”.
In the Bible Mirjam is the sister of Moses and Aaron.

There’s also the variation Miriam, which I think is a bit more common, and in Finland they have the variations Mirja and Mirjami.


It’s beautiful!


Thank you! :blush:


Oh this thread is nice! My nickname is from my facebook account btw BUT
rose is the first half of my name (Gül = rose) and shn is the shortcut of my family name.
It’s simple and easy to type that’s the reason. :blush:


lol, I’ve seen this thread! Well mines is my nickname and just an easy number, could have choosen 007 or 101 as well :joy: and nobody had it!


What else can I say, you can’t be more honest or?? :thinking: :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Barbaro was the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner.

I was super into horses as a kid, and I guess I got really emotionally invested in Barbaro’s story when he broke down just after the starting gate in the Preakness Stakes a few weeks after his Derby win. I literally kept myself up to date with his healing process, and I was really worried when he developed laminitis. Someone later told me that he had been euthanized (before I was able to check the newest update on my own), and I was just a wreck after that. I was in middle school around this time, but I still keep Barbaro’s name in my Youtube channel name.



barbaro in spanish in my island means incredible/amazing/daring.


I use the name “Wither_Kitty2020” or “Withering flower” because I could say that life is like a withering flower. Things in life can bring us down, and it can become dark, and we feel down or lonely, but at some point, the sun comes back up and we receive nourishment and that withered flower blossoms again.
The “kitty2020” just shows that I like cats and I always will like cats and when the year changes, I change the year, since every year is a new start in life . . . in my opinion. :heart_eyes: