What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?


This picture looks so Kawaii! I wish I was as beautiful and cute as her! :pleading_face::sob:


That’s awesome! I didn’t know that! Where are you from?


Clarksville TN


I just used my nickname from High school. I used to have eyebags so my friends said that I look like a Panda. And so it stayed. (I like Pandas so it suits me :panda_face:)
“Pandax” not “Panda” just because the other one was taken.



From the Island of Enchantment: Puerto Rico



This is weird bc i always see ppl from Mexico, Spain, Venezuela never from my Island. Thank you so much for sharing!


True dat’!


At first I had a different username, but for now, mine’s chunshiun. It’s the pronunciation of my chinese name. i even searched it up to see if there was going to be anything, and there was, already some guy i think named chunshiun. i began to go for something else, but then decided to keep it about me.


Nice thread, fun to read how people choose their names and what they actually mean.
I’m from Stockholm (Sweden) so I thought something most people heard of; Stockholm syndrome, would be a good username. My image is of Stockholm with City hall with it’s 3 crowns.
Stockholm syndrome comes from a hostage situation at a bank in Stockholm 1973 where the hostages sided with their captives and after being released they defended the bankrobbers which stunned the police.
They turned it into a movie which was decent:


It is also related to Maria and another interpretation of Miriam, Mirjam… is ‘bitter’.

I think it is a name you can find in many variations in many countries/languages :slight_smile:


I picked porkypine because a like to do quillwork - Here’s a link to some images if you don’t know what that is.


As you can see my name is AryDeClair. It is a play off of my real name. Kinda like I am declaring my name. My last name has Clair in it. I thought it was funny at the time I made it. Shrugs


The story behind my username is when i started playing osu! I couldnt think of a name, then i put anime and osu! together and it was called Animsu (Anime= Anim) (osu!= su) and now it is the best username i could think of and i use it for almost all my accounts.


What is osu?


osu! is a rhythm game, were you click circles to the beat, gain ranks, and more. Im not really good at explaining how the game works cuz it sounds like a boring kids game were u click circles, but search it up and watch a vid, or even download it.


Ooh I have seen videos of this. Didn’t know what the game was called :smile:


Niicee. Most people get addicted to it and some dont.


My username consists of two words: ori (오리) and ya (鸭). Both mean ‘duck’ in Korean and Chinese. I like and learn both languages and my pfp is a duck, so there you go… :slight_smile:
I also like that it is relatively short and easy to remember. Later I found out that ‘Oriya’ (aka Odia) is also the name of a language in India. And since I like languages in general I think it’s kind of cool my username is also the same as an existing language, even if it was unintentional.
The picture was taken by me in a zoo when I was younger.


I have to mention this name oriya= orilla sounds like edge in spanish so every time I see your name I see the edge of the sea. lol

There is an Indian Saint named: Oriya Saint