What is this new Bulk Rating feature?

I was alerted to this by someone.
I just checked it on a series I’m moderating, and saw there are already two suggestions and 34 ratings for the episode. Where are they? I don’t know.

And it showed me the first 15 subs asking me to add a suggestion if I like.

I added one, by changing one of the subs slightly, and then it asked me to upvote or downvote and to choose from the available suggestions.

Strange. All this has happened silently. I would never have noticed.
It’s not in the Help Center topics, it’s not on the blog, it’s not here, we didn’t get a message in our inbox and I didn’t receive anything by mail either.

Secondly, what is it for? The secret return of the Viki One Liners, that awful feature that’s been gone for some time, with the little bubble, spot subtitling and rating by strangers? We fought so hard for that horror to be eliminated!

Thirdly, this feature is available only to people who can access Bulk Editor, right? Then… for whom is it? For other subbers who can suggest an alternative translation, so that the editors can choose? Is that even useful?

And finally… Is it possible that it’s been there a long time and I just didn’t notice it? A remnant from old times, a dinosaur, something now obsolete?
Have any of you noticed it and since when?


Years ago we had been talking about a peer-review system in order to increase sub quality on a large scale. But if people, who aren’t team members, can’t access this feature, then that can’t be it.

Also, what would be the use for ten people to participate in creating a translation for one sentence, and the Editor of that language to have ten suggestions to choose from?

I don’t think it’s obsolete. I haven’t seen it before. But I feel there was something else there instead.

Could it be a feature to assess new translators? That way they could translate 30 sentences in a row, having some sort of context (unlike the spot translations) and yet, still not mess up the original translation, one that was already there?

I think only viki staff has answers.

I remember there was a discussion about it… let me do some digging…

Ok I found it I guess:


Sounds about right. Although, the actual practical application still escapes me.

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Hmm… It must be that. But it was mentioned in passing, in a reply about the vikibot, and it’s a different think than the vikibot. This tool was never officially announced and explained.

Yes it was only mentioned once so I wonder if this is related. Seems like it does but who knows.

@camiille can you tell us more about this new bulk rating feature?


I’m under water about last things on Viki :slight_smile: and Viki is the best one to give you a proper answer compared to me, a volunteer.

If my memory isn’t lost in Wonderland, I remember talking about a profile with bulbs or upvotes with a friend. It was for recruitment so it was these past 8 weeks (recent history activity).

Also, Idk if it’s when we log out or when we’re in the Bulk not from the team, we have the possibility to add suggestions (and vote?) => I forgot if it was there a long time ago.

I don’t see the interest of this thing for an editor or moderator or a team member. If we have 20 suggestions, what to do? Who will look at it when there are editors or you if you know enough the language target?
For other new people who want to try, why not translating directly something else or tell someone that subs are weird there. We normally don’t translate alone and we have vocab and osts, the new volunteer doesn’t know this for the first time and doing suggestions won’t make him discover team work or what has been decided about vocab, ost, why not this word, formal/unformal.
It won’t make him discover subtitling on Viki. The whole experience.

Honestly, we have no time to look at suggestions from people whose language skill we don’t know. I’d just ask to someone who probably will know.

If the bulb was to feed the bot and if it’s the same bot that made the translations on Viki billboards, there are some mistakes for the Summer sales. A “balance” is different from “sales”. And a discount is different from a city name.

Also, bots are good for certain type of things, but on Viki, I don’t see its right place, like making a robot nursing a baby, there are some activities that are better far away from bots, because of the values that they carry by being done by a human. Will I let a bot taking care of a baby instead of me?
Other than sharing contents with others in their language, I thought that Viki was a way to train our skills in a language by translating, was a way to educate people when they (humans) translate (some people discovered new English words, discovered by searching more things by translating them than just watching them as a viewer), learn new words in Korean or Chinese by looking at them when they wanted to translate them or it makes them want to learn the language (when I watch, I don’t particularly want to learn the language, when I sub, that is different).
Thought that Viki was a way to allow a community to have fun by translating, to make new acquaintances in the world through this special activity.

Yes, translating is a fun activity like sports or dance or sing or baking.
Making robots do the Olympics instead of humans?
It’s not only the objective of sharing contents but how and who is doing it that are meaningful.
Why replacing humans by robots for hobbies? Where’s the limit?
What will we do, us, humans? What’s left from what the bot didn’t want or couldn’t do yet?

I understand the innovation for research, cancer, health, it will save a lot of lives.
But here, on Viki, isn’t it contradictory? I don’t understand the spirit or the goal of Viki anymore. Or maybe, what I thought was wrong.
I thought Viki had a more “noble” value, intent by making a community of watchers participate in the process of subbing, it was like giving an opportunity to people who like dramas enough to translate what our Kdrama bae was saying, to feel nearer to the dramaland, to have our own small place in this dramaland process behind our screen.
(I see the lack for subbers on some channels, but there are also channels with a lot of participants, will you replace them bit by bit by a bot?)

Where is it going now? I don’t understand this change.
In a company, to make people go with the flow, you have to communicate in a proper way, or third parties won’t follow.
Where am I going on Viki now? Where will I be on this website?
Will I continue to use it?

There are so many questions that we have.
I feel like the volunteer community doesn’t share the same vision because it seems you’re slowly killing us with the bot. If that’s where Viki is going to, just tell us. If it’s not compatible to have a volunteering activity (not a volunteering activity such as controlling what a bot has done), and making more money, then Viki is not different from Dramafever or Netflix, websites without originality but that do their job: sharing contents only.

Also, all the volunteering community is not editors or into editing. There are only a few editors on Viki and not every subber can edit.
What about them?
I hate to edit, I’d prefer to talk with a human about my edition and getting to know someone than correcting a cptrans001 that (and not who) have no past, nothing human on him and won’t share some excitement about a drama.

Also, about employees who are helping translating or who communicate with us, what would happen to them?


There’s the new suggestion in blue. Is is the same feature coming from the Bulk? Where does this suggestion come from, a bot or a human?
Some suggestions are correct, but some not.