What is your Favorite Name for Our Subtitle TEAMS - They Crack Me Up! And We Thank Them!💙


:panda_face: Animals of Dali Temple :dog:


This is just coincidence, the name of My Fated Boy was suggested and chosen by the team. It’s a different team.


I guess it is “Gone with the Shirt” Team that has worked on a few different ones - well that is appropriate for a lot of the dramas! Right!


:rabbit2: Shrek Devils Team :seedling: on Douluo Continent (couldn’t find the exact emojis they used)


Best Animations

I can’t give hearts so here are some hearts for you!


The Jackpot TEAM

Pretty funny when you realize this is like “Hunger Games” with a wedding!


The Unrequited L🖤 vers


The Cooking To Grow Team


The Hopeless Romantic Team


:boom:Wookie’s Rookies​:convenience_store::sparkling_heart:Team

Now every time I see the team name I am reminded of Star Wars :rofl:
But it is very catchy.


I’ve been watching Rooftop Prince. It’s an oldie from 2012. Team name is 'The Joseon Power Rangers." :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile: And the 4 Joseon guys wear track suits - green, red, blue, and yellow.

It’s cute to watch these 17th-century guys ‘adapt’ to 21st-century life. :rofl: :sunglasses: Especially since one of them is the crown prince who is having a very difficult time learning how to be polite to 21st-century people. He speaks to everyone in a commanding manner. And they are like, ‘Who is this rude youngster’?


:revolving_hearts: Strings of Fate :revolving_hearts: Team


:black_heart: Crush Team


For Your Eyes Only :eyes:


Family of 7 Team… I don’t know how to thank them enough, they are AMAZINGLY fast!! I’ve completely emptied my hearts quota for them and now I have no idea how to thank them more. I’ve already written two comments so I’m restraining myself there, but the thankfulness and love is overflowing and I have no idea where and how to express it!


Kissing the Devil team - season 1 & 2


:rabbit2:Through the Looking-Glass :mag: Team


The On Fire Penguins Team :fire::penguin:


:heart: Love Bites Team :hot_pepper:


:penguin::penguin::penguin::penguin::penguin::penguin: I love it!:yellow_heart: