What is your Favorite Name for Our Subtitle TEAMS - They Crack Me Up! And We Thank Them!💙


Searching the ‘latest releases’ and found this one:
:crown: :nail_care:Queens of Bargains :nail_care::crown: team




The Beautiful Team

(I’m so very sad the actress here passed away due to her mental health and pressures - very sad - it always makes me so sad when such promising people are so troubled)


You Make Me Dance
Dancing Hearts


:sunglasses:The Coolest Team :sunglasses:

feels to be impressive to be part of the coolest team, I guess :sunglasses:


Totally COOL :sun_with_face:


The Innocents


Notice me Sensei Team

This is a good one :thinking: using the “notice me senpai” phrase.


The Slice the Ice Team


:microphone::drum: Legendary Soldiers :drum: :microphone: team

Forgive my ignorance, but besides giving hearts to a subtitling team, is there a way to leave comments directly to them? This was my first time watching one of these big productions with such a huge ‘cast of characters’, and I was amazed and incredibly grateful at how the team labeled every subtitle with the name of the person speaking. It was so helpful to a newbie like me, and even if it’s standard practice in a show like this, it’s not something I took for granted.


The Team On Quarantine.

I am starting to like names that begin with “The Team …”


:cupid:Captivated by You :cupid:


As one of the 2 TEs (Translation Editors) for “Kingdom: Legendary War”, I can tell you that it took a great team work of Viki staff subber, 2 TEs, 6 GEs and the Chief Editor to keep all the names of the cast straight in addition to ensuring the quality of the English subtitles. You can find the usernames of all the English Moderators listed in the Subtitle Team on the cover page if you wish to send a direct message to them. Although it does not appear on the cover page, the main Viki staff subber’s username is jo_p66.


We appreciate you guys so much! That is why I love this thread - I love the cool names and knowing you guys work so hard! We appreciate you! :heart:


Thank you for the information @choitrio, and thank you so much for your valuable contributions!


Romance in the ER TEAM


First L💘ve Heal Me TEAM 🩺


The Team Near the River


Age Gap Lovers Team


Reborn Love