What is your Favorite Name for Our Subtitle TEAMS - They Crack Me Up! And We Thank Them!💙


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


:heart: ❝We Meet Again Team❞ :heart:


The on fire Penguins team
it’s the team name of yumi’s cells

Almost all the teams that @anna79_9 manage have the same team name except one.


Yes, it is! I am a member of the Coolest Team! and I even have cool sunglasses to prove it. :sunglasses: :rofl:


Oh, not only that. All the dramas I have had in french moderation also have a “penguin” in the credits. :penguin: It’s like a signature. Isn’t that cute, this little penguin?

I’m not the only one doing this on viki. Maybe it’s less common in English because CMs change often. But in all languages, it’s more common.


:hourglass_flowing_sand::crown:Psychotherapeutic Love​:heart::sparkles:


The Sweet Symphony Team


⥼⁑ Flirt With Danger Team ⁑⥽


Yes,it is.


The :high_brightness: Two Worlds :sunny: Team


:sparkles:Reincarnate if you can :sparkles:


:dizzy: Intertwined :dizzy: Team


@kdrama2020ali You should LOVE this team name!

Oh MY General - Gone with the Shirt Team



:muscle:t3::boom:Ding Ding to Power​:muscle:t3::boom:

:ring:Oops, I woke up married Team


Until Family Do Us Apart :broken_heart:


:alarm_clock: From 5→9 Straight to Burnout

I don’t know why Viki wrote 2021 as the year of this drama, but as far as I know it is from 2015.


I notice this from a movie we watched - it is WHEN VIKI gets it I guess.


:heart: Once Upon in Love :heart:


Haven’t watched this, but saw the team name and thought it was pretty funny :smile:

:scream:OMG They lost my wife :face_with_raised_eyebrow: