What is your opinion on dubbed animes and dramas (Korean and Chinese)?

Recently many korean dramas and some Chinese drama are dubbed into several indian languages, they always lack the originality of the native language and some times the translation of dialogues is also poor.

What’s your opinion?
Are dramas dubbed into your language?
Did you watch them?
Subbed version/dubbed version?
What do you prefer ? Original with the subs or dubbed ones?



Squid game, Pinocchio, doctor stranger, my girlfriend is an alien etc were dubbed into my language Telugu.

And for hindi there are uncountable dramas that were dubbed and many hit dramas ranging from goblin to penthouse were dubbed.

In india we even have Korean drama channel which telecasts about 4 dramas everyday( hindi audio with English subtitles)


Just checked heirs and many more were also dubbed


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Shocked to see penthouse!

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Last month (maybe), after seeing a couple of comments on an IG page, I thought I’d see why people disregard dubbing so much. I watched Penthouse and just laughed. There were plain dialogues in the dub, not even background noises. On top of that, the voice of the voice actress didn’t match Eugene’s voice. I gave up.

Watching dubbed cartoons and dubbed real people are different things. Even Power Rangers were better dubbed than the shows on MX Player. I wonder if they hired professionals or just went with anyone who signed up.

Even people on Quora disregard MX Player’s dubbed shows.
Dubbing is a no for me.


That’s true! I too don’t like them.
I watched my girlfriend is an alien it’s much better than Korean ones.

I know you didn’t mention this in your title, but I formed my opinion years ago, back when I was watching Japanese anime. I prefer having them subbed. One of the only “dubbed” versions that I liked was the OG Pokemon :laughing:. I was watching an anime in the wrong language and kept thinking… there’s something wrong, why? finally figured out that it was in the wrong language.

I’ve attempted to watch a dubbed drama, but I gave up. The intonation, the sound, all of it threw me off :sweat_smile:.

I’ve gotten so used to reading subtitles, I’m team subs. I also know that the anime community is pretty snobby about subs vs. dubs, but I honestly think that someone should choose the option that works for them.

Yesterday I saw a video that talked about Squid game and the person was using the dubbed version in their video. I was so distracted by the dub, I didn’t even listen to what they were saying about the drama :laughing: :open_mouth:


Only watched one Anime show that is bagel girl which is on Viki, so that’s why I didn’t include it in the title.

Yes, I agree. Once you are habituated with the subs you obviously won’t like to watch a dubbed version.

Team subs vs team dubs hahha


I grew up on watching dubbed wuxia dramas. They were dubbed in Thai. There wasn’t really a choice back then and I don’t even know if there were sub options at the time. The dubs were pretty well done though. Thailand has been doing them for a very long time on a professional level.

It wasn’t until 2006 that I started watching dramas with subtitles. I heard about them and seen them in passing and was reluctant to try a subbed show. I think my first ever subbed show was, Devil Beside You. With Mike He and Rainie Yang. My mind was blown because the experience was different. It took a while to adjust because you have to read really fast. lol After a few more subbed shows, I never went back to dub again! I absolutely would choose sub over dub as long as there is an option.


I’m hardcore Team Sub. The only dubbed show I will even consider watching is the anime Doraemon because I grew up watching it with Hindi dub and I still have absolutely no idea what the charavters actually sound like. To be fair, the dub is pretty good. Their voices and tones are fun and done very very well. I definitely cannot imagine the Japanese version of “Mein hoon Jian” even in my wildest dreams :joy:

In most other cases, the sub version is the best. No one can do it like the original. And I like learning the language while watching.


Yes, me too, may be that’s why we don’t go towards dubbing coz we love to learn the new language

Whole india loves it!
And I recently got to know that it is a japanese show and that type of genre is called anime

We grew up watching the dubbed version of Doraemon, i used to watch Doraemon (only) until my 8th standard, I swore to my self that even if I become older I would watch it forever.
And suddenly I stayed in Hollywood during my 9th and 10th and my intermediate was in hostel so I had no scope to watch them and later I entered the k world.I don’t how long I’m going to stay in it, as of now I made a promise to my self that I will watch them forever hahha.

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My language has around 4-5 slangs!

And they make different people speak different slangs to increase the Nativity in the film.
But I don’t really like that, and recently I watched money heist, if we leave aside the slang thing, the foul language and the amount of curse words is toooooo much that I dropped it in the middle.
And I completely lost interest in money heist


You’d be shocked to listen to Doraemon in Japanese dub. His voice is so… I’d say “masculinly”, comically, as if gala baitha ho type; I don’t even know how to describe :joy:… as compared to Hindi dub, where his voice is sweet and funny.


In Telugu too I still remember the voices of all the characters deki Suki, suneo, jiyaan, Shizuka, his teacher, mom, doremi and everyone ! Ahhaha

I used to dream of eating dora cakes.

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oh my it sounds so foreign and weird to me :joy::joy: I’ll let my childhood be my childhood :sweat_smile:

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Hahaha the voice actually sounds like a female voice actor to me :sweat_smile:.
I wonder who voiced him (was never really into Doraemon).

I think the biggest difference for me for dubbed versions are the passion the voice actors have.
Chinese dramas sometimes (/often) get dubbed over and some of the voice actors are really great at doing their job. Same as in anime. Some voice actors are really good and make the dubbed version enjoyable. So not all of the dubs are bad, I just think good ones are hard to find :blush:.

I also think that videos like this, who break down the differences between the original and the dubbed version, are pretty interesting and entertaining to watch. And cast changes / very noticeable differences can definitely make a show lose their audience for dubbed versions, if they switch to lesser quality.


This is why I couldn’t watch any K-dramas/movies that are dubbed into English, other than the fact that I can already understand Korean. My family was watching Space Sweepers with English dubbing for a few minutes, and I couldn’t stand it as they all sounded so strange. I mean, I know what Song Joongki supposed to sound like and it was just all wrong to hear him in another voice.

Having said that, I don’t mind watching some other foreign movies where I don’t already know the language such as Chinese, Thai, Russian, French, etc. dubbed into English as long as they are done well.

I remember watching some of the American movies and Japanese animations dubbed into Korean when I was young, and they were done by professional dubbing actors and they were good. But then again, I don’t think I can watch American/English movies dubbed into Korean anymore.


I used to watch things dubbed, long ago, but now that I am well-seasoned in reading subtitles, I will choose them every time if I can. There are some shows, in some languages, that I am unable to keep up with in subtitled form, so I have to opt for dubbed, but not happily. LOL

I caught my husband watching ‘Hellbound’ on Ntflx recently. After I got over the shock of seeing him watching a Kdrama, I realized he was watching it in dubbed version, and it just sounded and ‘felt’ so wrong. For one thing, Yoo Ah In is one of my favorites, and part of his appeal is the sound of his voice and his unique phrasing and intonation that make his characters his, and that is just lost in dubbed version. The same would be true for any of the actors and actresses that I have come to appreciate.

In general, though, in my opinion, dubbing comes off as very artificial no matter how good it may be done. I feel like you can just instinctively tell that the dubbers don’t have the emotional connection to the character and the story that the original actors have. There is a disconnect.


Agree with @my_happy_place the feelings and emotions can often times get lost in dubbing.

This is why I watch dramas with earphones or headphones. I like to hear their sigh, the worry in their voices or the sadness when they swallow their pain. I can understand the atmosphere and the scenarios better. The crying scenes is what throws me off in dubbing. It’s awkward and very rarely done right.


Absolutely HATE it. Refuse to watch them.

Subs plus original language and voices - naruto i watched 1 ep dub and that was it.

GeNie of the Lamp


Besides crying scenes, the other things I find very awkward and off-putting are all the extraneous sounds like sighs, or nonverbal sounds as responses to questions or in conversations, or grunts when doing something strenuous. They always come off as so unnatural.