What languages do you speak/are learning?


I speak French because i live in France. I speak English and French fluently and i can understand khmer really well.
I’m trying to learn korean but i don’t have much time for this.


It’s shocking how much Korean you can pick up just by learning basic grammar and then binging on kdramas


same for other languages vivi-1485

so I know some Spanish, some German, I would love to learn more languages, I do know some Korean & Chinese, some French. but not conversational, like hello, thank you, good by, how are you and so on but to speak to someone, not casually, but a nice chat. so I do watch shows with the subs and all, and that’s where I have learned the word is fluently


No Dutch? :thinking: :wink:


isn’t Dutch something like German??


No, they’re both different languages. They do share a common mother language and therefore still have a lot of words in common.


You mean “proto-language.” :wink:

We are related. Just like English, German and Dutch are both Germanic languages. But there are also big differences.
However, in the past, the English word “Dutch” was used for both German and Dutch, hence the term “Pennsylvania Dutch,” which is actually derived from German (though still somewhat recognizable for us).


Yes, I couldn’t think of the right word :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for clearing that one up! yes I always thought they were about the same… good to know!

and mirjam yes Dutch too,


Spanish, and Korean .,French


Or even leaving out the first step, and just doing the K-Drama bingeing :smile:


Lots of French-speakers here! And wow, so many multi-lingual people… I bow in respect!:clap: So much talent here.

I’m Australian, and the only other language I speak semi-fluently is French (I’m a cross between A1 and B2, depending on the skill area). I’ve studied German and Tahitian as well, but only learnt enough to have a basic actual conversation in German (I studied Beginner’s German for 3 years at Uni), and retain some basic vocabulary and grammatical structure for Tahitian. I know a very little bit of Italian. I once had a conversation on a slow train in Italy with a woman and her father using mostly the music terms I knew (most classical music terms are in Italian). That was fun!


Bumping up to share the story of this remarkable man.


Oh @mirjam_465! This is one you’ll :heart: :wink:


Neat knowledge share! :+1:t5:


Turkish native, so can understand some other Turkic languages to some degree, like Azerbaijani, Kazahk, Uyghur etc. I majored in English Literature & Language so i speak English fluently.
Took some Russian courses while studying, so can understand Russian a little and also can reply to basic sentences…
Studied in Italy for a year so I had a chance to know enough Italian to survive, but it got rusty since im not using it…
Now im learning Korean, I’m at somewhere between Beginner 4 and Intermed 2.
I love learning languages :pleading_face:


My younger sister, who moved from Korea to the USA when she was 10 years old, is now a tenured professor of English Literature specializing in John Milton.


You must walk on air with such beautiful family, and you are all so gifted. We are so blessed you are here with us, and the fact that you share your gift with such humbleness. That is something so hard to find in these days.

Thank you for your giving soul.

By the way, so I get back to the topic: I speak, read and write English and Spanish DECENTLY enough.


OMGGG I’d love to meet your sister. In my department we had a course that was a term-long one only dedicated to Milton and Paradise Lost. Its a course we take on 2nd year, and I didnt do a good job, passed with a low grade so on my 4th year i repeated it to raise my GPA. I LOVE AND HATE Milton so much. Oh GOD. I dont even know your sister but i respect her tons now, since i know it takes LOTS AND LOTS of time and patience to study Milton…


Trust me, she published a couple of books and I couldn’t even get past the introduction because it was way beyond my comprehension, lol. Btw, she dedicated both books to “my family”. She went through University of Michigan’s accelerated PhD program on a full scholarship. Obviously, between the two of us, she got all the brains…