What languages do you speak/are learning?


I admire her already :pleading_face: Seriously…Milton was a nightmare for me for a long time, its considered a trauma to study Milton in our department cause many students fail and retake it for 3-4 times :rofl:But once you get a grasp of his way of work, really enjoyable!


English, Lao & Thai. I can speak all three fluently.

As far as learning, I’d like to pick up Japanese and Korean just so I can watch the dramas without subtitles.


I’m french so i speak french ^^’ at school i learn english and spanish but at home i learn korean and thai and i will learn japanese and mandarin too ^^ i love langage !


You might find :handshake: more folks in this thread. :wink:


Oh c’est super sympa ! Ravie de faire ta connaissance. Tu es en quelle année ? si c’est pas trop indiscret


Je suis au lycée en 2nd si c’était ca ta question, ce n’est pas indiscret ^^ et toi?


Oh les années lycée ! J’espère que tu profites au max de ces années et surtout avant le bac bon courage en tout cas. Moi je suis en deuxième année a l’université :slight_smile:


Woua ! chouette!!^^ tu fais quoi a l’université ?


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Maybe you could join this conversation in French for @lolodu41_s_599, and @haccritics My reason is, like so many fans, we join, but come back later to discussions. :blush: Thanks!
I do hope other French fans will take care of your fellow French fans. :wink::+1:t5:


I speak English and Spanish, having been blessed in my formative years to learn both English and Spanish as una tejana original. After leaving Texas at age nine and being cut off from meaningful language development for years, I moved to Rochester, NY in the mid 1980s and met a large number of people from various parts of the Hispanic world. This very week I was able to contact a woman in my area who tutors in Spanish, and we are supposed to start working together by Zoom.

I found the video below yesterday, and it gives me hope that I can begin at long last to learn written Chinese. I have a good ear but have been overwhelmed for years at the prospect of recognizing and remembering thousands of characters with zero diacrirtical marks for pronunciation and no grammar that maps well onto “western” grammar.

大家好 请多多指教

en chimie biologie :wink:


YES ! :purple_heart: that’s can be great


cool ! :wink: par contre pas du tout mon domaine TT_TT


Vraiment ? tu t’orientes vers quoi toi ?


Je vais m’orienter vers le commerce international spécialisé asie ^^


oh trop cool bon courage en tout cas ! tu vas y arriver :purple_heart::hugs:
Fighting !!!


OMG. This video seems amazing, thank you so so so much for sharing this. Im a big visual learner so this source seems like a miracle to me! Thank youuuu! <3


Merci ! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: Bonne chance à tous dans vos projets !^^