What motivates you to watch C-dramas?


What motivates you to watch C-dramas?

And why you find them attractive?

Please share your ideas~~~

Many thanks~~



I like period dramas and they have a lot of those.
The comedies can be funny - especially online webdramas like Proud of Love and The Big Boss.
And I guess another thing is quality and cinematography have improved a lot in the last decade.


I feel in love with the wuxia genre, it was something so different from kdrama and I just loved it. Then I started following the works of the actors of my favorite wuxias and I kinda found myself watching modern dramas too. Some are better than others but now I understand that it depends a lot on which company produces the drama and not only the actors. Some productions have more budget and we get amazing things, and some others can make amazing things with little budget (i.e. The eternal love).

Other thing is that I like to learn more about the culture and history, and just like with kdramas that my favorite genre is Sageuk, I really like period cdramas :slight_smile: just for the aesthetics and all the things that period dramas usually imply.


mine is watching history, even though some has been added, love the costumes, I am a genealogist and just love history awesome to watch, even the other Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and others.


Genealogist! Wow, awesome!

I love history of Chinese emperors of Qing Dynasty. 爱新觉罗 Family.

Thank you~



Republican-era Drama is Definitely my recent infatuation.
I Really like the style of these dramas. I Have always liked the 30’s and 40’s especially
The Actors are also vey good, Li yi feng is one of my favorites but Lu Yi , Wallace Huo, Zhang ruo xun and too many others are great as well. I Also think These dramas have good plots. I am really looking forward to Jade Lovers!

Period Drama Have great costumes, actors, palaces and often times unique plots, The only thing about these dramas I dislike is the CG. Scarlet heart is amazing and definitely deserves its title as a classic, Princess weiyoung was also good. It just amazes me of the budget that goes into these Wuxia dramas, I mean, the costumes, all the scenes, and the jade and… Yeah,

Modern Dramas each are so different its hard to describe them. But there are many good ones, there are Medical dramas like surgeons, usually more serious but they do have some humor, Surgeons is very good and I highly recommend, then there is School dramas, A Love so beautiful and The Big Boss ae my favorite, these tend to be cute and funny, later they can get sad though. Then there is I Cannot Hug you, which has one of my favorite actors Xing Zhao lin, and A Seven Faced Man which is SO Hilarious.

sorry for the long post, I just had a lot to say… :smile:


I used to think that costume and wuxia genres are the most popular.

But now it turns out that romantic idol dramas are more like Vikians’ cup of tea, say, My Dear Princess, etc.


I think it is because Viki is recently purchasing idol dramas mostly that the Vikians are viewing them more. Love me if you dare and When a snail… are two dramas based on some very popular novels that many people read before and they are a different genre (crime/thriller) that was rarely seen on Viki. Additionally, they have really recognisable and well-known stars in it (and we really cannot call them “idols”) so I would not compare them to My dear Princess or other “fluffy” dramas available recently.

I am pretty sure that many Vikians that are working in Chinese dramas were disinherited upon seeing that none of the dramas we were really looking forward to seeing and working on in 2017 was actually purchased by Viki. Advisors Alliance, Nothing Gold can Stay, Love Lost in Times, Glory of the Tang Dynasty, Legend of Mi Yue, Mystic Nine, Where the winter is warm, where the summer is cool, Ode to Joy 2, Legend of Dragon Pearl and many, many more went unnoticed.

And if you do not get what you want, you work on those dramas that are available. It is a brutal truth, but a real one, nonetheless.


Yeah. Your are totally right.

I am also looking forward to the airing of Nothing Gold Can Stay on Viki. It is one of my FAVORITE dramas.


May I ask what does “CG” mean?


Computer graphics :slight_smile: (the use of a computer and specialized software to produce and manipulate pictorial images for purposes of animation, business presentations, and scientific research )


That’s what i love the most in Chinese dramas CG. I mainly love SPY theme dramas. They are really good. I wish they cut down on the fighting scenes and violence. Is boring and they make them too long for my liking.


I’m learning Chinese, so it’s a good way to hear the sentences I learn in a ‘real’ setting. It also teaches me the differences in accents - for example I have less trouble understanding the Chinese in Taiwanese dramas, but it differs with dramas from China. It also helps me segment Chinese dramas better that way.

Plus, I actually like Chinese dramas. They focus on different things than Korean dramas do (which seems to frustrate people in the Timed Comments, so I turn that off). I wish VIki will license some of the ‘wanted’ C-dramas more. :slight_smile:


@ feyfayer
Agree. I just saw 3 wonderful chinese dramas I wish they had here. One is Mojin: The Lost Legend & Monster Hunt, and Chosen. They are fantasy that are so well done is amazing!


Oh, I’ll check those out when I have the chance :wink:


Great, let me know if you like them I can suggest a few more (from different countries).


arent you glad we don’t live in that time period? but as my earlier message, Just love watching these, helps me learn their history! angelight, I didn’t think mojin would be a good one, see? putting a tag on something before I watch it! so I will watch that one shortly. If you havent seen my only love, thats a good one( I think thats right ans sorry its korean) chosen is another I just havent gotten around to it. so another to watch.

oh and if I can’t find something here I go to Netflix. they got a bunch of chinese dramas lately


–My only Love Song’’ is the first drama I saw on Netflix a long time ago, and so far have seen it 3 more times. I don’t know why I love that drama so much, but I really do.

I have to add I love fantasy dramas with good special effects, and I have to admit the Chinese are the best when it comes to special effects and beautiful paradise like scenes which impress me so much. That is why I recommend you start with Mojin, and you probably won’t like Monster Hunt.

Chosen is great, too but this one is a Taiwanese drama. From Japan, I recommend ‘‘The outsiders’’


Can I ask where you guys watch those dramas outside of Viki?
If you don’t feel comfortable saying it here, can you PM me? Thanks :slight_smile:


@feyfayer There are some dramas on netflix. Only in the Netherlands there aren’t many series to choose from.