What motivates you to watch C-dramas?


Yeah, the choices are few indeed :unamused:


drama3, dramafire,dramagalaxy, hulu(not a lot of them) netflix, check you tube. oh of course drama fever


Thanks! Unfortunately hulu and drama fever aren’t available in my country, so can’t check those out, so I’ll see what I can find :slight_smile:


Is dramacool still live in your country i thoght they had taken it down.


How ironic! On Netflix they have a movie called WAVE and is from Netherlands Is such a great movie I’ve seen it twice. It looks like a tsunami in the mountains (a dam breaks and ppl weren’t able to leave on time). Hope you can find it on Netflix.


I don’t see it on ‘my’ Netflix. There are two movies with ‘wave’ in it: ‘the Wave’ and ‘the 5th wave’, but they are from Norway and the U.S., it’s weird that I cannot watch a movie from my own country :confused:


catgirl, I am not sure, I haven’t looked.


I used to use it exclusively except for titles on Viki, but they started to increase the ads and the updates got less frequent then it disappeared, i live in the UK.


In my netflix (USA) I can’t find ‘‘the 5th. wave’’ or ‘‘the wave.’’ Did you see any of those two? I’ve noticed that some dramas on viki and netflix have different titles although they are the same exact drama.

PS They also have ‘‘the vanishing’’ from Netherlands but that one had english subtitles missing and I stopped watching out of frustration… Like the person was talking but there were no subtitles, and the next person was talking and I saw the sub but I was wondering what the other person had said before. It happens with the Taiwanese dramas, too. I’ve seen a few dramas that are missing a lot of translation and I just stop watching them and give them a poor rating.


@angelight313_168 I tried looking for them but didn’t see it either. I didn’t see ‘the vanishing’ nor ‘spoorloos’ as it would be called in Dutch.
I guess Dutch Netflix hates Dutch movies haha (or they just couldn’t get the licensing for it). :grin:


No, I didn’t see them. It seems like every country gets to see other collections for movies. I saw a movie that I had seen before and really liked ‘Oorlogswinter’/Winter in Wartime’, maybe you can watch it.


i’m going to see if they have it. I’ll watch it if they have it, and let you know. Thank you!


The only dutch language drama I found now, was ‘‘RIPHAGEN: The Untouchable’’ is a good one but sad too. I stopped watching it.
‘‘Wave’’ is no longer there, nor they have ‘‘The Impossible’’ that is about the tsunami ,and the struggle to survive of a family of 4 from Spain.You will cry buckets with this one.

The age of shadows (Gong Yoo) directed this movie and is simply awesome. Spies who help with SK liberation.
Northen limit line (based on a true story) is about the attack and killing of young soldiers from SK by NK soldiers (they have real life footage included)
The prison… is great but violent.
White Night with UEE (she’s really good here action packed too)
FORGOTTEN with Kang Ha Neul

The white Helmet: From Syria (Documentary)
HIROSHIMA BBC WW2 DOCUMENTARY: INTERVIEW WITH japanese survivors is included.

‘‘The last days’’ is awesome too but very weird movie
Tale of tales is rated R had to skip some parts.
ALTERED CARBON loved it gave it a 5 rating.

Unriddle - Taiwanese
CHOSEN- taiwanese


if you get netflix, they are building a very nice catalog of Chinese movies. A few dramas too. :slight_smile:

One I am enjoying watching is Qin Empire: Alliance. I have yet to start watching Tientsyn Mystic. :slight_smile: For some reason though, they seem to hesitate in picking up a bunch of the historical/costume dramas I really wish they would carry. If they would carry the raw, I can easily watch that too. :slight_smile: Just carry the videos! (My husband needs English subs, he actually loved Ice Fantasy)

Anyway - it’s all good.

Oh yeah, why do I watch Chinese dramas? Um…

"NIRVANA IN FIRE". There. :slight_smile: that’s my explanation.

Untouchable Crunchy Donuts


It would be great if they opened up that selection in the Netherlands as well :pensive: Asian dramas / movies are just starting to become popular here, so not a lot of variety.


They no longer have it on Netflix. I found the title but when I click on the title it took me to other varieties of movies. Only one was in Dutch language but like I wrote before it was Riphanger; is a dutchman that bc of his fault a lot of jews died (based on a true story). I stopped watching bc I get sad with those type of movies.

I saw Schindler’s list until the end, and I was crying for a few days! I really don’t need that in my life. To be honest, they have so many dramas/movies/documentaries on Netflix that you get overwhelmed picking which one to see. I always end up turning it off.

I’m watching Lost in Space but I take breaks in between bc sometimes they are too long, and I get tired of watching. I hope they start giving more varieties so you can enjoy them. Some are really worth watching. One thing you can never go by their rating. They are deceiving in that aspect.


I’m in the States and found “The Wave” on my Netflix, about a Norwegian geologist and a tsunami event. However, NF rates is “R” (for language and disaster scenes).


NIF best reason! I’m slowly watching and absolutely love it. I hope Viki keeps it for a long time so more people can watch and enjoy.


I’m so glad. :slight_smile: it truly is the best drama in the world.

It cannot be watched quickly without missing so many, many things. If you haven’t seen Sound of the Desert - you should see this one after NIF - and compare the “rough draft” really of Mei Changsou…the Ninth Lord. :slight_smile:

The Hunting Ground…his latest…well…Hu Ge sheds the invalid in a rather intentional fashion. While the plot is very odd and frankly seems to not be there - or the villains! - the thing is, I watched it and for the way they filmed Hu Ge. At times, godlike, without a flaw and glowing. At times, even found extra flaws and an outright painful vulnerability. What a remarkable man. :slight_smile:

Still wish I could ask him "What exactly were you thinking while wrestling the giant fake snake in Condor… " :).

Secrets of the Three Untouchable Crunchy Donuts



The NIF story for the first 19 episodes is sort of like stew simmering on the burner. You know it’s gonna get hotter, then in the 20th episode (in Xie Yu’s manor), the stew boiled over. I’m only watching an episode or two a week and following up with the recaps from the recappers at The Problematic of the Unproblematic

Thanks for mentioning Sound of the Desert. Watched 7 episodes back in 2016 and never picked it up again. I’ve put it back on my list to finished after NIF. He also plays an interesting character in “The Disguiser”, but I’ve only watched two episodes of that. Ah, Condor Heroes and a fake snake, interesting. Yes, he is a remarkable man.