What motivates you to watch C-dramas?


Yes, ‘‘The Wave’’ is there on Netflix but not ‘‘Wave’’ or ‘‘The impossible’’ which were great movies. I wonder why they were removed so soon.They also had ‘‘Tsunami’’ with Ha Ji Won, and that one I can no longer find either. They had Tower inferno? or Tower (I saw it a while ago) About a fire on a high rise building in South Korea. That movie is amazing a must watch!


So, it is a different movie, I thought it may have be a Norwegian geologist in the Netherlands.
Netflix has to buy license for content so I guess the license had probably expired for those dramas.
I heard about the high rise fire but haven’t seen it.
It would be nice to see the expiration date for the movies and dramas on NF. A friend told me there was a list but I couldn’t find it on my site.



The list of movies on Netflix? you’ll find it when you press the return button several times on your remote control and when you see CATEGORIES there is a magnifying glass next to it that to me looks like the letter Q click on that.
When you click a box will appear and the alphabet letters if you press A it will show you every movie or drama starting with A and so on. You can also type a title and if the drama if is there it will be at the right side of the screen.


Thank you! That’s a great short cut to use. I was wondering where the expiration dates for the shows were listed. Have you seen that on yours?


For me, it’s definitely the settings, costumes, and stories of historical-themed dramas!

I say historical-themed dramas because a lot of the new ones of late have more fantasy elements.
I feel like I can’t really call them period or historical anymore.
Think Ten miles of peach blossoms, Eternal Love, etc.

The costumes get more and more beautiful, and the settings more and more magnificent.
Chinese dramas seem to be getting bigger budgets lately!

However, there are a couple of things that disappoint me.

  1. Poor Acting - For the sake of popularity, they like to use the same famous actors and actresses even when they aren’t the best. cough Dilraba cough
  2. Overused story lines - Concubines fighting, Royals killing each other. When will we get women who stand together???
    And sometimes the story is good, but it’s just poorly executed.
    I would also like more happy endings. I’m a little tired of shipping my OTP for 50 episodes only to see them die. WHY???

But I’m sure the drama industry will improve with time. So I keep watching and hoping the next one will be better than the last :slight_smile:


You…are missing Eddie Peng’s General also. Hu Ge and Eddie are excellent. While Liu ShiShi maybe could do better at times…and I know it’s a lot to get past her overplay in spots in Sound…you do want to see Eddie. :slight_smile:

And the Ninth Lord. :slight_smile:

See it after NIF though. Then I think you will understand my “NIF = 10” scale. :).

At times, AZ, I envy you the spot in the bleachers…ever watching dramas, while I work hard on ours. People send me links all the time, and I wish I had a way to watch in my sleep… :slight_smile:

With respect, always, for your thoughtful and enlightening posts, helpful to the prospective CM applicant, pondering a blank page and on the fence about applying. :slight_smile:

Secrets of the Three Untouchable Crunchy Donuts


They only have the expiration days listed on Hulu. I know for a fact they don’t have it on Ntfx. The only way Netflix will announce a drama/movie expiration day is, if they lose the contract (license).


I loved this Chinese movie and hope you watch it, too.


Dilraba needs to improve a lot on her acting. She thinks that bc she has a pretty face that’s good enough. She has potential, but she needs to polish that weird acting she has bc so far I never continue watching any of her dramas.

I think that all Asian writers have a one track mind, I swear!
The Chinese dramas have too much war or fighting scenes.
Half of the cast by the end of the drama ends up dead.
They are so long that the drama becomes very boring.

I have found several short Chinese dramas and movies I like, and I realized the Historical dramas are not my thing at all.


Thank you for letting me know.


Eddie Peng, 'nuf said :smile: He’s a wonderful actor. Thank you for the advice and I will go back to Sound after NIF.

The contributions you and many volunteers make can’t be appreciated enough. The quality to detail that many teams contribute adds so much to the viewing experience. And, lyrics for music. Watching elsewhere is disappointing because I’ve been spoiled by Viki’s volunteer staff contributions.

Thank you for your kind words. My thought exactly about prospective CM’s seeing a blank page. Time is a precious and scarce commodity, so I will continue to add these little tidbits hoping to aid those CM applicants. And anyone else who stops by the check out the new channel.

Have a wonderful week!

~ Third Generation Native signing out.


I have suffered too much with the historical ones. I subbed Sanctuary and by the end of the drama, I had cried so much, I swear to myself I would not watch another one. But I did, and the end was always tragic, and they kill the main characters which is the worst part. I guess I picked the ones that ended tragically.


Eddie Pang is one of my faves:)


What a treat it was when my daughter and I were able to see two different movies in the theatre here in the States. The Last Woman Standing and Cold War 2. The latter was even more of a treat because Chow Yun Fat was also in the movie.:grin:


OOH!! Another favorite. I saw him once in person while celebrating my birthday in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. We have a lot of common interests:):laughing:


Wow! What a treat. Cho Yun Fat will be in a Hong Kong movie called “The Invincible 12” (someone said the translation was more like the Dirty Dozen, and what an incredible cast they have assembled. But I haven’t been able to find any recent news about it.

I found a link just a moment ago with a bunch of trailers (I’ve only watched the trailer for 2017’s “Our Day Will Come” with Eddie Peng and Wallace Huo), I thought you might be interested in taking a look. Ann Hui, the director of “Our Day Will Coime” won the Best Film Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards last week.

If you like Eddie Peng and action movies, I can recomment “Call of Heroes”. Don’t know where you live but I watched it on Ntfli in the States. The movie introduced me to Hong Kong native, Koo Louis. His acting as an antogonist was impressive.


You’re are really good at digging up info on Chinese Dramas. You should start a Fan Channel here with upcoming Chinese works. Thank you for freely sharing. I’ll have a look for sure.


I just finished watching Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon : Sword of Destiny, and again I am disappointed bc so many of them died. The young girl’s death bothered me so much. These writers suck with this ending just bc is about fighting the good ones don’t need to die just the bad ones.


I saw that here you have great conversations. As for me, the most influential dramas are Call of Heroes, Eddie Pang, Sword of Destiny, Crouching Tiger. When I see for the nature in these dramas it reminds me amazing landscapes of Saint Martin Site.



Greetings and welcome.

I’m a fan of Eddie Peng too. He has a profile channel which lists the shows available (some regions may be restricted) on Viki.

There are many different genres of Chinese drama here on Viki. Have fun exploring to find the niche that you enjoy.

I recently finished the ancient Chinese drama “Nirvana in Fire”, which I recommend.

I’ve attached a character guide if you’re interested.