What motivates you to watch C-dramas?


What motivates me? Movies or dramas with special effects like this.A MUST WATCH


I love the scenes, costumes, and how they “fly in the air”. I am sure theres ropes and such to help them do this, but still facinates me, how they can pull that off. one of my pet peeves, is some are quite long, to be sure they could do whatever in 40 episodes. but thats ok too. no big thing,

the actors and actresses are quite awesome too, I won’t name my favorites right now, cause I haven;t watched the c dramas much till just recently. the subbers do a fantastic job too. Nivernia on fire was excellent, anyway. thats why I do watch them.


I hate with a passion that their dramas are too long and the fight way too much. They also tend to make too many tragic endings so I only watch fantasy movies or dramas and certain romantic ones depending on the main actors.

They have male/female actors that are really awesome! They’re going to have several new ones that I’m anxiously waiting for them to be available here.

Check this one out: Link to the channel:

If you have a chance please watch BEAUTIFUL ACCIDENT AWESOME CHINESE DRAMA.


Visual aspects: Costumes & settings
(they sometimes have the flair of old DEFA fairy tale movies - and Telenovelas - that I loved as a child; so now I can watch something with similar atmosphere even though the topics differ)

fantasy/historic aspects

characters & story/lines

philosophic aspects (buddhism, reincarnation, different life forms etc.)

I really like that in the Chinese dramas I watched they usually give the characters the space to make progress and the story time to develop and that they often have 30-65 episodes for one season and not just 13 like US shows and that it seems they are willing to tell a story from start until end, maybe with a second season, but not in the way of making few episodes, see if people watch it and then suddenly cancel it like it used to happen with way too many interesting US shows I liked.
(e.g. GOT -that I do not watch- needed ~ 9 years for ~63 episodes while Chinese dramas I watched had ~65 episodes at once…)

The fantasy/historic C dramas I watched so far are like going into a visual novel. They were more touching and often more cruel on a emotional level.

I liked some Chinese movies from the ~2000’s but before (the internet used to be like now) it wasn’t possible to watch more because the access was limited to which was brought to cinema, e.g. Red Cliff in Western version was cut off to make it shorter and then afterwards I read that they cut most of the story line plot but kept the fight scenes… Red Cliff 2 wasn’t even available here.

So finally thanks to fan translation & a project like the viki page it is possible to watch more of Chinese visual storys what is great :slight_smile:


What started me and watching Chinese drama is the same thing that started me with Korean dramas.
I know about you but I find all Asian dramas to be more oriented than what America considers soap opera.
All Asian dramas whether they be modern-day or Period pieces I find or more pop oriented and or more family oriented and the over emphasize personal relations, whereas in American television you often find the male lead in the female deed are jumping straight to bed. Now what I admire and prefer in all Asian dramas that I’ve watched is that the two main leads and their families actively work at getting to know each other instead of having relations wants and not thinking about the consequences.

Granted there are dramas where the MC is have a one night sosttand like “faded to love you” or the original Taiwanese version “drunken to love you” those dramas picture the MC’s and their families working to gather to solve whatever crisis they occur that is why I prefer Asian dramas over American television my preferred genre for all Asian dramas is the historical//Costume period pieces circa the fourth century till 1940. The customs of each defining era rock.
I love the wardrobe department drama carefully selects piece


I watch them because they are different from the western( American or European) series . They belong to different genres, have different stories, costumes, locations, they reflect in general a different kind of culture that makes them interesting to watch.


If you have a chance to watch this Chinese movie do so, is a really good one: Young President and His Contract Wife. I’m filling a Title request form. Please, everyone help out and fill it out too. Thank you.


history,fantasy, costumes, one I do hate is the length, when the story can be 20-30 episodes instead of the 50 minutes. and some are the 50 minute variety, some are 30 minutes.

I haven’t watched as many as I should, so that’s my next step is to watch more Chinese drama yea! also the background music

angelight, did you see the movie with Jackie Chan, that had 3-4 young people in it? forgot the title and he didn’t do any of his stuff. but this was a mystery an he was part of it. what I liked about it, it went in a complete circle. I will have to find the title again. but it was sooo good. found it; Namiya


The worst part of the Chinese dramas are the intro which last 2 minutes or more (you practically see the whole drama too).

The background music is too loud and it rarely ‘‘match’’ the scene. Like they added the Jurassic Park music as a background in a romance drama. Sounded so ridiculous lol.


The dramas you watch seem to be quite special. I usually don’t have such problems. Mostly the music is so decent that it’s hardly noticeable and more part of the whole scenery.

Intro & Outro may have core scenes of the story which is bad, but many Hollywood movies or shows do the same with their trailers (so I sometimes don’t watch trailers/intros/outros after seeing some core scenes in some of them, which made me so frustrated that I almost quit continue watching it…)


I like Chinese fantasy dramas, and in romance I like the ones that mix some kind of pirate, spy or a cop agent theme. When it comes to traditional Chinese drama i make sure the ending involves no tragedy but a happy ending. I can’t stand dramas where one of the main leads dies.

I mainly love Jackie Chang movies bc he’s great with the stunts and the story plot is usually entertaining, touching and of course it includes a happy ending. I would watch more Chinese dramas if they were a shorter version bc they have too many episodes in them, and it becomes a drag…to watch. My order is like this 1) Korean. 2) Chinese. 3) Japanese


yes shorter is better. check my other note from earlier.


I started watching C-Drama’s because of Chinese History. I have been listening to the music and watching FMV’s and a few C-Drama’s here and there since 2014. But Got really invested when I started delving into Chinese history. The historical drama’s make so much more sense to me now. The comedies are good for me only if I start them right away. If I wait till it is done airing , then marathoning it is daunting. I really want to watch more. I just started Untamed and I love it so far. Now I am reading the Manga to get the full story.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am used to Thai drama’s lately and of course Korean. So the amount of episodes is something I am having to get used to. But if the drama is good enough, then I would love to just jump in and try it!


My suggestions (mostly fantasy/historical plus few romance/tragic):

  • Listening Snow Tower
  • Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (Eternal Love)
  • Ashes of Love
  • Ice Fantasy
  • The Legends
  • Legend of the White Snake
  • Empresses of the Palace
  • Legend of the Phoenix
  • Secret of the Three Kingdoms*
  • Legend of Haolan*
  • The King’s Woman*
  • If I can love you so
  • Well-intended Love

*These three are built around the time when the first united empire was built (Legend of Haolan is a bit like a prequel to King’s Woman, considering the historic figures in it, even though there might be fictional changes for certain events/characters. Three Kingdoms takes also part in that era, when the first empire was built).

I suggest not to watch these 3 at the same time because it can be confusing (in the way that in one drama you may like an actor for a certain (same) figure more than in another and then there could be a conflict while watching).

Ashes of Love & Ten Miles Peach Blossom do have a sequel that may be airing in end of 2019 or somewhere in 2020.


I do like that the dramas are long because it is much more detailed, also for the side characters than short dramas with just 20 episodes. 20 episodes would be way too less for showing/developing complexe historical/fantasy storys. So mostly the first ~15 episodes are some kind of character introduction and then the story becomes more thrilling.


Thank you! I’ve caught up on the one I’m watching, so I will start from that list! As for side characters, I’m a big advocate for them getting their own plot line and being used as more than just a catalyst for getting the “main couple” together. So if that’s something I’ll see more of, I can definitely get used to the length! I’m already getting sucked in like a novel, instead of it being just a light hearted watch at the end of the day.

I’m excited for sequels. For an Asian country to make a sequel, the show has to be really good.


I’m a big fan too. I am a engineer and learn CCIE in SPOTOCLUB. In my spare time I like watching moves, waiting…